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11 Leading Web Design Trends to Watch Out for 2022

Humans are visual creatures. Stunning visuals can influence our opinions and decisions. The same goes for marketing. The design elements of your website play a critical role from attracting potential clients to converting leads into sales. 

In the world of digital marketing, when words fail, your design speaks for your brand. Choosing the right web design elements can capture attention and get more clicks than text ads. This only shows that investing in a professional web design like mouthmedia.com can help raise brand awareness and boost sales. With the fierce competition in the digital marketing landscape, a well-designed website can create a strong first impression, reduce bounce rates, and establish a prominent online presence. 

With 2022 fast approaching, let us get into the upcoming web design trends that are definitely to watch out for:

  • Dark Mode Designs – White backgrounds have been the staple of a standard web design. However, more designers will incorporate dark mode into web designs, allowing website visitors to adjust the backdrop from luminous to dark. The dark mode is easier on the eyes as it reduces blue light exposure. Furthermore, it helps save battery life. 
  • White Space – Also called the negative space, white space refers to the area between design elements, including the space between typography glyphs (readable characters). White space does not necessarily need to be white — it can be a colour, pattern, texture, or even a background image. However, many e-commerce websites are taking on a more minimalist approach and refraining from filling white spaces with text, images, and other elements. This makes the website design more visually relaxing and appealing to visitors and highlights important information easily. 

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

  • Minimalist Design – Minimalist web design involves the removal of unnecessary elements or content that does not support user tasks to achieve a simplified interface. A minimalist design is becoming increasingly popular because it works well for many websites. It focuses on what is necessary and keeps the elements as organized and clean as possible. 
  • Big and Bold – If you decide to go for a minimalist web design, it does not mean making your page devoid of colour. Choosing the right colour that compliments your design can effectively stimulate desirable feelings in your visitors. Incorporating bright saturated colours is key to making your brand stand out from the soft neutral colours that are used extensively in web spaces for the past few years. Seeking the best web design Toronto can help your choose the right elements to highlight in your website design. 
  • Thumb-Friendly Mobile Design – Mobile-friendly website should not only be optimized for handheld devices. With millions of people using their mobile phones, it is important to consider features and sections of the website to be easily reached by the thumb. Your website’s homepage tab, menu, navigation bar, and other key points of interaction must be accessible while your potential clients are holding their smartphones. 
  • Full-Height Homepage – With screen sizes and resolutions becoming bigger and the internet speed increasing, more website designers are maximizing the height of the homepage hero image to keep up with the trend. It’s basically like transforming a homepage into a billboard that aims to highlight your brand’s central message or call-to-action button. To make this design effective, consider the resolution and dimension of the hero image to ensure its proper screen display on various browser settings. 
  • Web Animation – Incorporating an animation designed to literally speak to visitors can magically transform a website from being static and boring to interactive and engaging. Animations can capture attention by directing your potential clients to the important elements of your website. With web design companies in San Francisco increasingly becoming more visually appealing, user interface (U/I) animations have turned into a major trend in the web design space. 

Here are 2 other reasons why you should incorporate web animation in your design:

  • Animations are supported in different major browsers. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 to work smoothly in all browsers.
  • Animations can effectively stimulate interaction between your visitors and your website.
  • VR Experience -The number of e-commerce websites using virtual reality (VR) technology is predicted to rise in the coming years due to its awesome benefits in digital marketing. For instance, Airbnb’s online marketplace started using virtual tours so potential clients can view different areas of the house or room before making a reservation. Also, IKEA has started launching a virtual showroom allowing their online customers to view various pieces of home furniture. 
  • Dynamic Content – Content is king, but making your content dynamic is even better. Advanced technology has made it possible to track your consumers’ histories and locations so you can easily create web content tailored to attract the attention of your target audience. While well-written generic content still works for everyone, maximizing the use of advanced technology to customize your web content will ensure customer satisfaction, convert more qualified leads, and establish your Edmonton marketing company as an authority in your niche market. 
  • Voice-Activated Operation for Contactless Interaction – This technology is designed for smartphones and tablet users. This technology is not relatively new and is used by Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Experts predicted that voice-activated operations will be widely used in various web resources, bringing a number of positive aspects, such as quick search for information, free management of various options, and contactless page navigations. 
  • Human-Like Chat Bots – While chatbots are popular features on websites for years, they will continue to be relevant in 2022  and the coming years. Many expect that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be more sophisticated and become the norm for customer service, leading to a more positive customer experience, as well as help your business save on customer support cost associated with a live customer service representative. 

The trends in web design can quickly change. Just like technology, the elements of design considered to be modern and innovative can become irrelevant and outdated in the passing years. To stand out from the competition and secure a high search engine ranking, you have to be updated with the best web design trends and hire a reputable web design agency. 

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