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Word of Mouth Is the Best Form of Advertising: 7 Tips for Getting More Awesome Reviews for Your Restaurant

Word of mouth has always been a powerful advertising method. People want to check out restaurants that other people recommend, not ones that they have no idea if they’ll enjoy the food or the atmosphere. The internet has paved the way for word of mouth to have an even bigger impact, and reviews are crucial for restaurants and other businesses today. The tips here can help restaurants get better reviews, which can lead to more business.

Manage the Restaurant Better

Managing a business better is crucial. Restaurants always have room to improve. Restaurant owners can check out management software that will make it easier for them to track and manage the restaurant so they can consistently improve and ensure they have happy customers. Happy customers are going to be more likely to leave reviews and are going to leave more positive reviews for the restaurant.

Claim the Restaurant on Review Sites

Restaurants are going to show up on review sites. When a restaurant owner claims the restaurant as their own, they have the ability to respond to reviews, which can be crucial. Claim the restaurant on all of the major review sites like Google or Yelp to have access to view and respond to all reviews posted about the restaurant.

Be Active on Social Media Sites

Most people are active on at least one social media site, which makes it amazing for businesses today to reach out to their customers. Be active on social media and share posts about the restaurant, upcoming events, news and more. Customers can review the restaurant on social media sites and may be more likely to leave a positive review for a restaurant they already follow.

Ask for Reviews

One of the easiest ways to get more reviews is to simply ask for them. Many people may not think about reviewing the restaurant online but may do so if they’re asked. Have waiters ask the customers to leave a review to share their experience at the restaurant or have signs posted in the restaurant that request reviews.

Try Texting Customers

Texting customers is an easy and quick way to request reviews after they’ve left the restaurant. Remind customers that good reviews help the restaurant and ask if they will do their part to help tell others about how great the restaurant is. Do not send too many texts, as this can make customers unhappy, but one shortly after they visit the restaurant should be fine.

Respond to Positive Reviews

When a customer checks out the reviews and sees that the restaurant owner is responding, it makes them feel like anything they have to say will be heard, so they’re not wasting time by writing their own review. This can help encourage more positive reviews from current customers.

Respond to Negative Reviews

It can be hard to respond to negative reviews, but it is necessary. Restaurant owners should respond to any negative reviews they receive with an offer to help or their version of what occurred. They should make sure they respond carefully, but positive responses to negative reviews can help encourage more customers to respond with their own positive reviews.

Word of mouth has always been a great way to bring in more customers, and today there are no exceptions. Use these tips to bring in more positive reviews for your restaurant so the word gets out about how amazing it is.

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