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Top Tips for Producing Great Presentation Handouts

When you are holding a presentation, you need to ensure that anybody who is there sits up and takes notice of everything that you are saying and the messages that you are trying to get across. For this reason, it is so important that you get the presentation handout right. Otherwise, you can end up giving off totally the wrong impression – which is bound to be counterintuitive to what you are doing. So, here are a few top tips on presentation handouts which you can follow.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Produce it

Rather than leaving yourself in a situation in which it is the last minute, and you are rushing around – you should give yourself enough time to produce a high-quality document. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation in which there are errors in the document and you are creating the wrong impression with your clients. Not only this, but you should also make sure that it looks at its very best with high-quality design work, top paper, and no streaks or poor-quality printing. You can check out printer leasing companies near me to ensure that the latter is the case.

Avoid Simply Printing Out Your Slides

The whole point of a presentation handout is that it is something interesting and different that potential clients can take away with them. Bearing this in mind, it is certainly not going to be a good idea that you simply print off your presentation slides and give them all in a stapled booklet. Instead, you should be aiming to narrow down your key points into a document that is both digestible and appealing. Ultimately, if you are going to give a presentation handout, you need to make it look like you have actually put some effort into it.

Make Sure the Handout Directly Relates to the Presentation

There is also no point in producing a handout that looks like it could have come from an entirely different presentation. So, you should double check to ensure that the main elements marry up with one another. For example, if you are going to put your company branding all over the presentation, the same needs to be said of the handout as well. Otherwise, this can lead to a situation in which you have created something which does not help the listener – which is the whole point of it.

Practice the Presentation with the Handout

Ideally, you will have somebody who has never seen the presentation before to practice on. As well as getting their verdict on how the handout looks in general, it is also a good idea to work out the timings in terms of when you are going to actually distribute the document. Otherwise, you are doing your dry run during the presentation itself, which can obviously be hugely problematic.

All of these top tips will help out significantly when it comes to producing a leading presentation handout that really works for you.

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