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Top Four Staffing Models for Staffing Solution

Let’s be honest, an organization is as good as the people it hires. This is the number one priority for any organization- getting the right people for the right job. This is the essence of staffing. So, what is staffing?

Staffing is the process of filling the available position with the right personnel, at the right time. Hence, everything will occur in the right way.

There are a number of extensive circumstances that interact with this factor in running an organization. It is the mandate of Human Resources to enact the right staffing solution for an organization.

If you are looking to staff your organization, or even work at a staffing agency, then you need to be familiar with the models of staffing. These models need to be incorporated into your staffing plan- what is a staffing plan, you ask?

What is a Staffing Plan?

A staffing plan is a well-reasoned-out strategy that is meant to ensure that your organization is completely staffed, with the long-term imperative being the avoidance of downtime, loss in production, or operational impediments due to staff turnovers. 

That said, staffing plans tend to be distinct from one organization to another, depending on the nuances of different industries, and expected growth prospects.

Remember, there is no one shoe size that will fit all your staffing needs, but with research and excellent planning, it is possible to establish a pipeline of staff who are ready to fill any ensuing vacancies.

Great, now you understand or have a great inkling of what a staffing plan is and why you need one. Now, let’s look at the staffing models that you need to be familiar with- as a recruiter, manager, or HR professional.

What is a Staffing Model?

A staffing model is an official portrayal of the processes that precipitate the need for staffing and the interplay of staffing resources and needs.

Generally, these models are formulated with the objective of envisaging future staffing needs. Whether you are understaffed, overstaffed, and the consequences of organizational actions, models are meant to reach towards the level of specificity and accuracy that is desirable.

What are the Models of Staffing?

Strategic Staffing

This type of staffing comprises long-term, short-term, and succession planning.  Strategic staffing takes into account the business outlook of the organization to make sure that strategic aims are met from the perspective of staffing.

The levels in staffing are monitored to determine whether there is a surplus or deficit in talent onboarding.

In this regard, management should analyze the skills and experience of the current staff pool to establish whether they have the capacity to move the organization forward.

As such, training is typically involved in this model of staffing to cover any gaps in know-how.

Succession Planning

One of the most dangerous things an organization can do is become complacent in planning for its key staff members, particularly the management. Especially when an organization has reliable staff in place.

In the event that your organization loses a critical member of the management, then you are more likely to suffer downtime in filling their position.

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The activity of succession planning grants you the ability to understand the varying roles of your management team so that organizations can identify internal candidates who can be ready to step in during a management turnover.

Case in point- when Jeff Bezos resigned as CEO earlier this year after 25 years at the helm- Andy Jassy, a formidable leader in his own right took over.

Now, you should know that this succession was planned years ago when Amazon was starting out. Jassy had proved himself with one of the most successful Amazon subsidiaries, the Amazon Web Services, Inc.

If Amazon had not planned for this- there would have been some sort of leadership crisis, which would eventually affect the company’s bottom line.

Long-Term Staffing

Long-term staffing needs consist of taking a preemptive approach to the staffing needs of your organization. Typically, this model covers a year. 

The model usually considers the past and prevalent staffing turnover, projected growth in staff, and staff members who are performing poorly.

Once the picture of your prognosticated staffing needs becomes clear, you can set the plan in motion for recruiting the right person for the right job.

Short-Term Staffing

As you may have well guessed, this model focuses on the prompt staffing needs of an organization. This works well in retail outlets where the short-term staffing plan comes on a seasonal basis. 

Therefore, many organizations turn to temp agencies to recruit the temporary workforce.

Bottom Line

Once you understand the number of people who need to work at your organization, the versatility, and level of management your organization requires, picking the appropriate staffing model is made simple.

A staffing agency can be important because it can help you save money and find the correct person for the job. Therefore, if it is in your purview, a staffing agency can help you actualize the various staffing models.

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