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The Perfect Corporate Website: Expert Tips and Tricks

We’ve been focusing a lot on e-commerce websites and user experience (or customer journey) here on Bizz Beginnings. As part of a bigger digital marketing campaign, your website needs to be able to fulfil its role as an anchor to all of your digital marketing activities.

However, on-site optimisations for different purposes are just as important. The site is a representation of your brand online, so it needs to give off the right feel and key messages. These expert tips will help you fine-tune your corporate website even more.

Update Regularly

There are reasons why your corporate website needs to use a content management system or CMS. For the site to look alive and exciting, you need to update it regularly. In a corporate environment, those updates are news and content that relate well to both the brand and the audience you are trying to reach.

WordPress is a flexible CMS to use. It is available for free and can run in most cloud environment designed for web hosting. It is not a particularly taxing CMS platform to use too, so you can run WordPress alongside other services or routines in your cloud server. WordPress is also very easy to set up and customise.

Test for Performance

The performance of your corporate website matters. A site that loads quickly is more pleasant to use than one that takes more than 10 seconds to load. According to design agency Clay, site performance needs to be one of the metrics you should pay close attention to as you design a more capable corporate website.

Aside from the raw performance of the site, you also need to make sure that there are no errors disrupting the user experience. Fortunately, checking and fixing errors is easy when you use platforms like WordPress. For example, you can check this post to fix the redirects error.

As one of the key metrics for measuring user experience, performance also has a big impact on other aspects of the site. Good-performing websites always rank higher in search results. They also produce a higher conversion rate in general.

Mobile AND Desktop

Utilizing a mobile-first approach when designing a corporate website is not a bad idea, but it is not always the right approach to take in this situation. Remember that key decision makers, stakeholders, and a large number of your audience are still accessing your site using desktop computers.

Ideally, you want the two interfaces to offer the same user experience. If this isn’t possible – such as when you also have websites for sub-brands and products to run – the least you can do is make sure that key elements such as branding and feel remain consistent across your digital assets.

Integrate Your Assets

Speaking of assets, the last thing you want to keep in mind when optimising your corporate website is synergy. Promoting your social media accounts on your site is just as important as promoting your website on social media. The two sides work really well together.

Use these tips to your advantage the next time you want to refine or redesign the website of your brand or company. By sticking with these tips, you can build a corporate website that users – your target users – can relate to.

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