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Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Giveaway

One of the most important things to consider when holding events nowadays is the giveaway. It’s not an absolute must, but in the fast-paced world of business, giving souvenirs to your guests is a simple, even cost-effective way to increase brand recall and showing your appreciation for their attendance. Especially if you give them something cool, or functional, or both!

With this in mind, what are the things you have to think about when choosing an event giveaway? Here are just a few considerations to help you make that choice.

The Audience

This is perhaps the most important factor that will help you decide the giveaway item itself. Are you hosting a small group of writers? A personalized pen and a beautiful handcrafted notebook will go a long way to make them feel special. Is your audience a group of tech enthusiasts? Get them mobile chargers or multi-head cables so they don’t have to look for separate cords for their different devices. Are you conducting a food event with chefs as your guests? Why not get them a bottle of spices or herbs? Are you conducting an environmental summit that will be attended by advocates? Perhaps a BPA-free reusable water bottle or a set of washable straws would hit the right note.

You don’t want to give something that would not be useful for your audience or worse, something that’s offending. Understanding your audience, especially their interests and the things that they believe in, is the best way to figure out the kind of giveaway or souvenir that will actually be appreciated and help them remember your event (and your brand) in a good light.

The Material

Depending the kind of souvenir you choose to go with, the next thing you might want to think about is the kind of material that you want to use. For example, if you have already decided to give wristbands at your environment-focused event, then you shouldn’t go for plastics ones; instead, opt for customized silicone wristbands that may also be infused by DEET-free insect repellent. If your team has decided on t-shirt giveaways, do you go for cotton or linen? If the event is sports-related, a jersey t-shirt would probably work better. If you’re giving away drink tumblers, the choice will most likely be between plastic and metal.

Just remember that the higher the quality of the materials, the bigger your investment will be. This brings us to the next factor that you have to consider.

The Cost

During the planning phase, you should already have allocated a certain amount for the giveaways. This could be a fixed amount if you are on a tighter budget or a range of the cost that you are willing to spend if you have a bit more wiggle room. As mentioned earlier, top quality materials will have a higher price tag; moreover, if you order more items, then you will definitely have to pay more.

You may want to consider ordering in bulk, since there are a lot of manufacturers that offer discounts for such purchases. This is ideal if your giveaway is evergreen and may be reused for the next event, say a t-shirt with just the logo of your company instead of the name of the event with the corresponding date. You should also consider how you will store the excess items; if they get damaged or destroyed, then your initial investment will have been wasted.

The Partnerships

In line with the cost of your investment, you may also want to consider if you can team up with another company in creating a truly unique giveaway. Not only will this help you save on costs, it may also give you more mileage, especially if the other company has a customer base that intersects with yours. In fact, the exposure you get with a collaboration will probably give you much more value than the savings you will make.

One of the things you have to think about when considering partnerships and collaborations is if the other company’s objectives and principles are aligned with yours. If you have more in the way money, you may want to look for a startup or an independent business to support — this is a good way to boost your reputation both within your industry and with your target market as well.

Think about these factors the next time you’re holding an event and find yourself having a dilemma about your giveaways. It may seem like the smallest detail, but the right souvenir may mean the difference between a memorable event and a forgettable one.

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