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Share The Load – How You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Shared Office Space

Your standard office perched atop some skyscraper has a view of the urban skyline, and on evenings, it is one of the most majestic views. When clients go to your office, they are immediately impressed by its professionally furnished fit out and corporate polish. However, while business is good, you are not so sure that you are maximising the space in a way that can drum up more business.

While your present office probably exemplifies what it means to be a successful business in the American imagination, today’s businesses are learning that sometimes your space can work for you. The shared office space has reinvented the way in which many businesses lease office space. Shared offices can be your executive suite, your standard office, or a more trendy coworking space, and they are a favourite to business because of their versatile uses.

Continue reading to discover how you can get the most from your shared office space.

Raise Your Business’s Profile

The great part about the shared office is that there are no walls, and so people tend to converse and get to know each other. In the coworking space, the office functions for both work and social functions, so socialising plays a big role in daily interactions. In any case, these interactions are opportunities to make connections.

These connections lead to more formal networking opportunities, and if fortunate enough to build your team, they lead to collaboration opportunities. You can pretty much raise the profile of your business by making the types of connections that create partnership opportunities. Plus, collaboration can raise your business profile within the immediate office and community if done successfully.

Use Your Shared Space To Publicly Relate

The shared space is such that opportunities to share your expertise can be made simply through social interaction. If occupying a serviced or executive office, host events that introduce others in the office to some aspect of your business. Other public relational activities to engage in would be to start an online social media page or volunteer in the larger shared space community.

In the coworking space, this can be done much more easily simply because these spaces are designed for social interaction. However, professionals can also start a newsletter or host mini-conferences that put their business in the spotlight. There are so many ways for all businesses to leverage the power of the shared office space.

Find Mentors In The Space

Because there are no walls, your interaction with the share office community will inevitably lead to making connections with mentors. Mentors can be a great tool in establishing the types of contacts that aid in business growth. Furthermore, your mentor can provide you with information in terms of referrals and can act as a resource on the best practices in your industry.

Explore New Markets

Of the shared office’s uses, the ability to explore other markets without incurring an inordinate amount of costs is one of its primary benefits. Shared space, especially coworking space, does not tie you down to a protracted lease. Furthermore, because costs are low, it is feasible for you to lease space in other locations for a short time to explore markets.

Shared office spaces require little downtime, so they are easier to move in and out of on short notice. Moreover, if the serviced office provider has offices in other locations, moving is made more convenient. Ultimately, the shared office provides your businesses with a little leeway in getting tasks related to growing your business done.

Getting A Lot Done With A Little

The shared office presents businesses with space that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use the space to raise your business’s profile and collaborate, reach out to the community, find mentors, or even, test new markets. Ultimately, the power in the shared space depends greatly on how you leverage its many uses.

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