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Seeking Talent: 4 Biggest Challenges Faced by the Modern Recruiter

With the job market forever evolving and changing, getting the right staff in the right positions is more challenging than ever. There are so many specialties and different roles out there that it’s hard to differentiate between them sometimes. Not for recruiters though, these are the people whose job is to know the roles they’re filling, and the personnel they’re after.

Of course this assumes that your recruiter is pretty competent. Not all recruiters are equally able and they’re dealing with challenges of their own these days. The preference is usually to use recruitment specialist. For example you could use CodeSignal Recruiter to hire quality technical talent with much less time investment compared to doing it yourself. There are many advantages to using specialists though of course it won’t be the first choice for everyone.

So what are the biggest challenges for recruiters? Let’s take a look.

Too Many Offers to Top Recruits

The primary problem is that top recruits often receive an influx of offers. A lot of these offers will also be below-par or opportunistic, so that creates a lot of noise. Recruits react to this by largely ignoring offers that aren’t from reputable brands.

If you aren’t a large, well-known company, it can help to use a reputable recruitment agency here. Getting the prospects attention is vital if you ever want them to come and work for you.

Shortage of Top End Talent

This is a bit of a hot topic, as some sources suggest it’s a recruiting issue rather than a talent shortage. I beg to differ. With the world becoming so much more connected, people no longer stick to their geographic regions. There’s also a lot more people attempting self-employed ventures these days,  or working part time, which cuts the overall talent pool.

At the top end, having mobility allows talent to congregate where it gets the best rewards. That might not be in your geographical area, so it does create a shortage for some. Again a good recruiter can be a real help here, because they’ll know where to look for, and how to lure away, your potential rockstar.

There Are No Central Talent Databases

One of the biggest issues is that there are so few professions with a database of any form, and hardly any that cover the entire talent pool relevant to the industry. Outside of perhaps medicine, it’s easy to miss out on prospects. Even in fields like medicine, recruiter access to databases is limited. Make sure you search far and wide when looking for talent, consider all possible locations and scenarios and you just might find a diamond in the rough.

Tough to Maintain a Meaningful Network

With the widespread popularity of the internet and social media, the world is more connected than ever. That isn’t a good thing in all ways though. With social media people are connecting and finding each other easier than ever, which is great. The problem is we communicate in a totally different way on social media than in real life. This could be killing our communication skills. We also seem to have exchanged deep, meaningful and useful connections for more but shallower ones. This is a big pain point when trying to find top recruits.

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