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Running Your Company Like A Country

It’s no secret to those able to draw the parallels that a country isn’t too different to a business. Operating with competition in the form of other place, along with the need to keep people happy, this sort of structure is only possible when a profit is being spun. Of course, though, even with a country being similar to a business, a lot of small companies fail to see the ways that they can operate like one. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the qualities of a nation which could improve your business.

  • Welfare

One of the primary goals of a modern country is to maintain the welfare of the people living within it. As a business, you won’t have citizens, but you will have employees, and these people need to be considered when you’re making decisions. Along with those working for you, it’s also a good idea to think about the people responsible for making your products, as they should also be treated as fairly as possible. People won’t want to work for or shop with a business which treats people badly. So, to avoid this sort of fallout, you should always be looking for ways to improve the welfare of your employees.

  • Accounting

Of course, keeping people happy is only part of the job of a country, and there will be loads of other areas which need to worked out, too. Most nations make a large portion of their money through the sales of commodities (source). This isn’t because it reflects their pride or power, but because it gives them the chance to make some money on the side of their existing work. Your business will have similar ways to bolster the money you make, even if it means doing work which isn’t as interesting as the other things you do. Along with this, having a proper accountant to manage your money is a great way to keep yourself afloat.

  • Decision Making

Most modern nations have done away with systems which leave one person in charge of everything. Being very outdated, it’s hard to see how a lot of countries were ever ran by a single monarch or figurehead, and the same can be said for your business. All of the decisions you make should be as the result of a collaborative process between you and your employees. While your business is still small, you will have a great chance to talk to those around you freely and easily. As you get bigger, though, you will have to move your focus onto a handful of people which are used all the time.

Hopefully, this post will enable you to start working harder on the business you’re running. Of course, along with the similarities, there are some huge difference between a country and a business. This doesn’t mean that one can’t learn from the other, though, especially in areas where they have common ground. Not a lot of people realize quite how much these two bodies can share.

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