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3 High Salary Career Options for The Self Employed

Self-employed workers are those who work for themselves, sometimes under a formally structured company and other times simply doing business under their own names. You may think that only handymen and private investigators are the only types of roles available for self-employed people. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of jobs available for professionals who want to set their own terms, create flexible work schedules, and make a lot of money in the interim. Go to highersalary.com to get more information on self-employed careers as well as salary specifics. Without further ado, here are three good paying jobs that you can land within the year.

Real Estate Agents

So it isn’t really surprising to hear that realtors are capable of making a lot of money. What a lot of people are not aware of is that real estate agents actually work for themselves. They might work under a certain broker or even represent a nationally known agency, but realtors are essentially self-employed workers. Real estate agents have to pay taxes based on their gross yearly earnings. This means that whenever property is sold and a realtor gets a commission check, they receive straight cash. Realtors can also work from home based offices and are free to set appointments with clients that are conducive to their schedules.

Tax Preparers and Accountants

Generally, from January to April is when tax preparers and accountants get and stay busy. Individuals and business owners often scramble to send off W2s and mail in their state and federal income tax returns. Those who are lucky end up receiving a refund check from the government while people and companies that owe have to cough up a big amount of cash. Accountants can be hired on as employees, but they are also just as likely as to go into business solo. Tax preparers and accountants are in complete control of the amount of time that they spend on clients, so they can control both their workloads as well as their total yearly income.

Life Coaches

Some people rely on therapists to talk about their problems and get through past traumas. On the other hand, life coaches are all about the future. If you like helping people solve their problems and overcome obstacles by channeling positive energy, you can be trained to become a life coach. Unlike psychology and psychiatry, life coaches aren’t regulated by HIPAA laws nor do they need to be licensed as anything other than self-employed business owners. A life coach can make money by holding seminars, scheduling one-on-one sessions, or even by offering life coaching packages. E-books, DVDs, and other support materials can also go far when it comes to supplemental income for life coaches.

You can still open a brick and mortar business and become a successful self-employed company owner, but the three above options are great for those who are good at business networking. If you have a big social media following you can quickly announce your life coaching business. People who have bought and sold property in the past might make really good professional realtors. And if you do your taxes year after year, know how to itemize everything and you have never been audited, becoming a certified tax preparer might be an option as well.

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