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The importance of quality over quantity in business 

With the world the way it is today, both in terms of business and day-to-day life, too often, more is always seen as better.

A quick look at the way products are sold, from fast fashion constantly pushing new trends to technology companies telling you that your older devices are now obsolete, it’s clear that there is an obsession for more. 

It’s difficult to know where this originated, but it can be argued that the idea that having more is better than having less is as old as the concept of owning something – it’s a key driver of capitalism.

When it comes to consumer choices, though, things are slowly changing for the better. Customers are becoming more conscious about how the things they are buying are made and want their purchases to last longer. This is in an attempt to buy less, own less, and, ultimately, waste less.

What about in business?

However, the world of business seems to be taking a while to catch up in regard to quantity over quality. Often, growth and success have been linked with owning and having more in a business, but making this change is now a focus for many companies.

In many areas, quality is truly what matters, and there are several examples of this being the case.

Let’s say you’re a shop owner and are looking at opening a second store. Focusing on scaling up the original shop rather than branching out can not only be the easier choice but it can also be the more financially beneficial one.

Being able to focus on one area and put 100 percent of your time, energy, and money into it can really mean a higher chance of success. 

Once you’ve found your feet in your business, it can be very tempting to expand as soon as possible. However, you may find that the next few years will be nothing like the past years for your business, so it’s important to make these decisions carefully and look after what you have before moving on to something more.

Equally, if you work with machinery a lot in your business, fewer but better machines can be much more efficient than having more of a poorer quality version. If you’re an engraving business, for example, one or two laser machines can really be all you need to power through the required work year after year.

Not only are they less likely to need replacing, but when you opt for the higher quality version, you can also guarantee higher performance with each and every use. Buying less often means that you can buy better, as you pay more upfront while almost guaranteeing a much lower cost per use.

While quality over quantity has been spoken about in many areas, the adage really makes sense in many ways in the world of business. As things slowly change and consumers take more care when thinking about what they are buying, it’s very much time for businesses to do the same.

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