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Prime Presents – 5 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Companies often invest significant time in new business development. Fresh clients are great but make sure that you don’t neglect your existing base. Building fruitful customer relationships and loyalty will lead to repeat business, hopefully giving your organization a steady flow of income. A client relationship mirrors that of a healthy friendship and should be based on communication, support, and establishing trust. A timely and personalized gift can brighten up someone’s day and strengthen your working relationship. Here are a few ideas for thoughtful corporate gifts that you can use to nurture your best customers.

Something for Them, Something for the Environment

People are becoming more and more mindful of the environment, moving away from a consumerist society and towards taking responsibility for their ecological footprint on the earth. With this in mind, a cheap, disposable plastic gimmick probably doesn’t give the right message. Why not support the move for a healthier planet and give something green! You could try a reusable coffee cup, a large, practical canvas bag to carry their groceries home or reusable sandwich wraps. These are all handy items to use on a day-to-day basis, you can add your corporate branding to them, and they give back to the environment at the same time. Talk about a win-win!!

Gift an Experience

Just like experiences are gaining in popularity for your friends and loved ones, they can be wonderful corporate gifts as well. Depending on your relationship, the present, and the occasion, you can go along with your client and take the opportunity to get to know them a little better in an environment outside the office. Days out at the races are a classic company-client bonding experience.

However, experiences can also be a wonderful gift just to show your appreciation. If you know that your client loves car racing, a ticket to watch the Supercars will be memorable for many years to come. If you know that a customer has just gotten married, why not send them and their new spouse off for a special dinner?

How About a Hamper

A hamper is another excellent corporate gift. You can customize it depending on the recipient. Are they a chocolate lover? A fine wine connoisseur? Maybe they just had a new baby, and you can select something with treats for both parents and child. The great thing about a hamper is that it can be shared around the office or taken back home to be enjoyed.  

Personalized Presents

Every man and his dog gives away gifts with their company logo on it, but to do something out of the ordinary, consider personalizing a present with the clients own name or logo instead. An engraved business card holder or beautiful quality pen to celebrate their company’s anniversary is thoughtful and unique and will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Go High Tech

People are increasingly reliant on technology and being mindful of that, why not put a new spin on a traditional branded item by choosing something electronic. An emergency mobile USB charger or wireless charging pad will definitely come in handy and make them thankful that they do business with you! As would a Bluetooth smart tag key finder. Or for something fun, try some portable Bluetooth speakers.

Whatever gift you choose, think carefully about your company, your ethos and your customer to try to select something that is distinctive and shows that you value and respect your working relationship.

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