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7 Helpful Tips For First-Time DIY-ers

If you’re a new homeowner and you’ve never lived alone then the likelihood is that you’ve never done your own DIY. You may have watched your parents or friends and occasionally helped out, but doing it for yourself is new territory.

If you’ve never attempted a DIY project before then you’re probably feeling a little scared an anxious about everything you have to remember, so to help put you at ease we’ve come up with 7 helpful tips for first-time DIY’ers:

  • Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

If you have never done DIY before than you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into. Tutorials and how to videos may make things look easy, but when it comes to it skill is a very important part of DIY. Prepare for lots of stress, hard work and may even tears…

  • Do Your Research

Lots and lots of research is crucial, especially if you’re starting a big project that is going to require lots of complicated work. Spend as much time as you can watching YouTube videos and asking experienced people for advice. If it helps, find inspiration and advice on Pinterest beforehand.

  • Start Small

Although no DIY project is really considered ‘small’, there are some much simpler tasks you can do to ease yourself into things. Try starting off by hanging a few things on the wall, putting up some simple flatpack furniture and adding a top coat to any worn out fixtures in your house. Whilst they might not make much difference to your house, they’ll help you get used to doing standard household DIY.

  • Pay Attention To Health And Safety

Health and safety are crucial when it comes to DIY as you may find you need to handle lots of heavy equipment and power tools. Make sure you’re reading the safety advice for everything you use and assemble, taking extra care to lift things that may be too heavy. If you need help lifting certain items, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Following on from the point above, it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you feel you need to ask for help. Some people are not DIY minded so if you find you’re struggling, ask someone who is used to doing this kind of stuff. They’ll be able to put your mind at ease and help you get the hang of things in no time.

  • Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before You Get Started

One of the most important things to remember before starting any DIY project is to make sure you have absolutely everything you need. Whether that’s all the tools you need or checking your flat pack furniture to ensure it has all the parts – you’ll be thankful when you don’t have to leave halfway through a project to go to the store. For more information on parts and bolts, you can visit the State Wide Bearings site, where the linear bearings website has moved.

  • Read The Instructions

Last but not least, read the instructions for EVERYTHING.

Are you a first-time DIY-er? Let us know if you use any of our tips in the comment section below.

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