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Modernizing Your Business: 5 Technological Breakthroughs You Can Implement in Your Workflow Today

Technology is ever-changing, with new eruptions being witnessed every year. Almost everything is going digital nowadays. And business operations are not left behind either. Businesses are now implementing new technologies in their workflow. These technological advancements have significantly impacted the operation of businesses and the interaction of customers and prospects with users. The following are the breakthroughs you can implement in your workflow today.

  1. Business Management Applications

A variety of businesses have implemented the CRM platform in most of their applications. There are several business management software that has been introduced in various businesses to provide support, improvement, and automation of the business processes. Such software help eliminate errors, complete various tasks, and report important activities in your business. For instance, Spiro is an AI-powered CRM product that makes your sales management a success through sales automation. Your sales team will be able to close more deals and with this technology. It will also become your assistant to create contacts and reminders on the progress of your team.

  1. Customer Self-Service and Feedback

Technology has seen a transition from having a “live human” provide customer services to a comprehensive self-service. You can now have your customers get most of their inquiries addressed online within a very short period of time. You just need to have a dedicated support application and social customer service offerings like Zendesk and Lithium. You can also have your customers leave their feedback online through the software developers’ end user experience. GetSatisfaction and UserVoice are some of the applications that enhance this experience. These applications have also impacted the functionality of customer self-service.

  1. Video and Audio Hosting

Over the last few years, a lot of businesses have implemented the use of internet video and have seen positive results out of this. From saving on time and travel costs to accomplishing a lot of tasks conveniently. You can use platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube strategically for training and marketing services. You can also use audio content as your marketing strategy where you host podcasts on platforms like Libsyn and SoundCloud and distribute on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

  1. Mobile Apps

Did you know that you can participate in a web conference using the mobile app’s technology? Well, yes you can. This technology enables business users not only to participate in a web conference but to also receive and make phone calls through the IP phone system of the organization. You will also be able to access a CRM system and to update and view any shared documents.

  1. Content Management Systems

Initially, for you to create and update your website, you ought to have someone experienced with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Well, these days it’s much easier. Thanks to technological advancements. With platforms such as Sitecore, WordPress, and Drupal, you can build your entire corporate website for your business. These platforms will save you the need for hiring a web developer hence you can channel the funds to other projects in the business.


In today’s business world, automation has become a norm. Programming software has made processes like recruitment and marketing faster, efficient, and accurate. But you need to concentrate on the most important areas first when beginning modernization process. You can start by upgrading an old legacy system or technology. And you need to be careful enough not to upgrade to a technology that can, in one way or another, affect your business. Good luck!

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