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Electronic Shelf Labels- Helping Grocery Retailers In Smart Ways

We can already witness the digital transformation of traditional businesses. Online retailing, or eCommerce, is the most befitting example of this statement.

However, there is still a huge population of consumers who prefer to buy things the traditional way.

Going out to a supermarket to buy daily groceries.

The competition in the retail business, however, is quite dynamic in nature. So, the traditional retail stores need to come up with innovative ways to gain customer engagement. Notably, the latest technology buzz in the retail sector is Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

As the name suggests, ESL is a digital display around the front border of the shelves in a supermarket.

How do they help retailers?

Well, for starters, it is simply an attractive proposal to grab consumer attention.

Imagine walking through an alley in your favorite grocery store. And suddenly you see a change in price tags. Instead of the usual paper tags, you find a digital display.

Well, the consumers would also feel the same enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, there are many other significant features that Electronic Shelf Labels have to offer.

Personalized Advertisements

One of the key benefits that ESL has to offer, besides mentioning the price, is displaying ads. You can customize advertisements to run through the labels.

Communicating information with the consumers is critical when it comes to brand awareness. It does not matter if you run brand ads or your personalized advertisements, as long as they are engaging customers.

IoT Compatible

Another feature that ESL can offer to the traditional stores is reducing headcounts. As per the experts at SES-imagotag electronic displays can be connected to the internet. The users can then scan codes and create their own invoices.

Moreover, customizations like online inventory management and supply chain management can also be included. Thus, allowing retailers to continually monitor their stock and deliveries.

Special Discounts and Updates

A rather effective marketing strategy- bundling and discounts can be taken to the next step. Unlike the traditional pamphlets and brochures, the information can be directly displayed over ESL.

Not only that, the information can be updated within minutes. The usual cumbersome changing of paper tags won’t be necessary, any longer. Thus, increasing efficiency and productivity at the same time.

Environmental Impact

It needs no mention that paper tags have a huge impact on our environment. Paper is one of the leading reasons for increasing carbon content in the atmosphere and global warming. However, Electronic Shelf Displays eliminate the need for paper.

With the help of ESLs retail stores can reduce their negative impacts on the environment. Besides, consumers are also learning the environmental consequences of industrialization. Thus, turning your store into an eco-friendly one would surely earn it grace loyalty from the consumers.

To sum it up, there are plenty of benefits to reap from a technology that facilitates better streamlining of the processes. From inventory management to tracking daily transactions in real-time, ESLs are the future for brick-and-mortar retail stores. It not only helps with managing day-to-day sales but also can help retailers gain insights into their customers. And likewise, improve their marketing strategies.

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