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Boarding Schools in Florida – education information

The USA is universally recognized as the most developed state among all countries of the world. The attractiveness of America as a country of receiving advanced secondary education is due to stability, high standard of living, and social development. If you dream of living in the USA, then you should first get an American education, after which you can find a job, which will allow you to obtain a residence permit.

The secondary education in the America is the key to successful admission to most American universities. 90% of graduates of the boarding schools in Florida enrol in the prestigious universities of the USA, including the universities of Ivy League. Boarding schools in Florida offer excellent educational opportunities. Through a combination of academic classes, compulsory sport activities and a wide range of extracurricular activities, children will learn about various social and cultural activities.

The boarding schools in Florida – organization of studying process

A long stage of preparation for successful enrollment in top universities and colleges in the USA begins with studying at school. High schools in Florida are characterized by high level of academic preparation and variety of extracurricular program.

The foreign students are provided with much freedom in choosing subjects for studying. Thus, each American state is granted the right to approve its own curriculum; at the same time leading schools are developing truly unique educational programs. In addition, the foreign students are given the opportunity to form their own individual programs, thereby allowing them to study subjects of interest at an in-depth level in addition to studying compulsory disciplines.

Thus, during the period of study at the high school in Florida, there is a harmonious and comprehensive development of personality, individuality, tolerance, self-expression.

Obtaining prestigious secondary education in the best boarding schools in Florida, the graduates do not need to pass additional preparation for the successful enrolment in TOP universities and colleges of the USA. The teaching of academic disciplines in the walls of the leading high schools in Florida meets the level of university courses, so that the results obtained are quoted at admission.

The best schools in Florida – tuition fee 

The cost of studying varies from 40,000 to 85,000 USD per year including accommodation, nutrition, educational materials, school uniform, insurance, participation of student in sport and entertainment school events.

TOP schools in Florida – advantages of studying

  • Studying is conducted in English and contributes to the significant improvement of the level of a foreign language, positively affecting the language integration of foreign students.
  • Mild climate – throughout the year, Florida has a sunny climate and sunny weather. Florida is located in the southeastern United States: on the one hand, the state is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side is the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Active extracurricular program – sports activities, visits to amusement parks are provided. By participating in such school events, a foreign student has excellent opportunities for a close acquaintance with the traditions and customs of Americans, which has a positive effect on expanding horizons.
  • Compared to New York, the tuition fee in Florida is lower, which does not affect the high level of quality of academic preparation.

Schools in Florida ranking – TOP 5 

  • American Heritage School Plantation

This school is ranked first in terms of the quality of teaching mathematics and mathematical analysis, as well as the number of National Merit Scholarship fellows. Middle and high school programs are offered to the attention of foreign students. In addition, effective pre-university preparation is conducted in such areas as medicine, law, engineering sciences. The international students live in a host family for the period of study.

  • Admiral Farragut Academy

The elite school of Florida has the status of one of two schools in America, within the walls of which in-depth studying in the field of naval affairs is conducted. The students are offered high school Diploma +AP programs, and a summer program with a scientific bias has been developed.

  • Academy IMG

In this school the academic studying program is harmoniously combined with professional sports activities  in such sports as tennis and golf. Middle and high school programs are offered to the attention of the foreign students. The cost of studying varies from $38,500 to $41,500 per year. Schoolchildren live on the territory of comfortable school residences.

  • Windermere Preparatory School

This school is a branch of the well-known international network of educational institutions Meritas Family. Teaching is conducted according to the programs of primary and secondary school, as well as the International Baccalaureate IB program. In addition, a program has been developed for future business leaders, the cost of which is $ 3,295 for 12 days of studying. If a foreign student has not reached the age of 9, then he lives together with his parents or relatives. Teenagers over the age of 9 are accommodated in cozy houses located on campus.

  • Academia Sanchez-Casal

The school has the status of the most prestigious professional tennis school in Europe and other countries. Effective preparation for the SAT exam is underway, a program has been developed that combines English and tennis classes, the cost of which is $ 1,790 per week. Schoolchildren live on the territory of comfortable school residences.

Schools in Florida – enrolment process for foreign students

To enroll in an elite boarding school in Florida, the foreign student needs to prepare the following list of documents, namely:

  • Report cards for the last 2-3 years
  • A copy of the first page of the passport
  • Providing the characteristics of the incoming from several teachers
  • Provision of various diplomas, diplomas, certificates that were received for the high results achieved in a variety of fields of activity
  • Writing an introductory essay or a motivational letter
  • Passing the international language exam.

As a rule, the best boarding schools in Florida accept the results of international TOEFL or SAT exams. In addition, it may be necessary to pass a personal interview or an exam of the host American school. During the conversation with the commission member, not only the level of knowledge is determined, but also a general assessment is given of whether a student is suitable for this school: how purposeful and motivated he is, what hobbies he has, whether his professional interests coincide with the specialization of the school, etc.

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