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5 Types of Marketing Event

Marketing events are a great opportunity to attract new clients by offering an experience.
There are lots of ways to take advantage of events marketing. Here are just five types of
marketing events to consider.

Launch parties

When launching a new business or a new product, many companies will host a launch party
as a way of raising awareness and building excitement. Many launch parties are on an
invite-only basis and may involve inviting key people who are likely to be influencers, helping
to spread the word of your product. These could include other local business owners,
journalists and various high-standing people within the community. A launch party needs to
be fun and social – it’s worth offering food and drink, putting on entertainment and allowing
guests to mingle. You may want to host it in your premises or you could rent out a function room  somewher with on-site catering.

Trade shows

Trade shows are events in which multiple businesses all compete to attract new customers,
each with their own stall and product. Most trade shows are themed around a niche – for
example a fitness trade show or a gardening trade show. The types of people that attend are
usually interested in this niche, making it a great place to attract new business. It’s worth
investing in some branded signage such as a teardrop banner or a marquee to make your
stall stand out. Offering promotions, demos and competitions can also help attract people to
your stall.

Sales conferences

Sales conferences are marketing events in which a product or service is presented to a
group people with the hope of turning some of these people into customers. These
attendees could be invited by yourself or they may be people who signed up voluntarily. This
could be an opportunity to demo the product or even allow attendees to test it out for
themselves. It’s also worth offering other incentives to get people to come along such as
food and drink, networking opportunities and perhaps even exclusive discounts on your
product/service to anyone that attends.


Seminars and workshops aren’t strictly promotional, but they can be used for marketing
purposes. Generally, these are events used to educate people. For example, if you run an
accounting business, you could host an event helping people to handle their own
accounting, or you could offer tips to aspiring accountants who are also looking to get into
the trade. It’s possible to charge people for attending these events, allowing you to make
some money from them. They could also help to build your credibility, allowing you to
potentially turn some of your attendees into customers.

Sponsored events

Sponsored events are events hosted and organised by other people – you simply help invest
some money into them and in return you get to display some branding at the events.
Common examples include festivals and sports events. You can also sponsor charity events
– this could help to build a positive reputation for your business whilst also allowing you to
give back.

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