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The Length Of Time It Takes SEO To Kick In

Prospective customers ask a common question to SEO agencies: how long it will take to work? If you ask this question to a digital agency and they guarantee it will start working within a specific timeframe, you may want to walk away from them as they are not honest with you.

Business owners must have realistic expectations of the effects of SEO on their business before committing to working with an agency, and every website is different. Below is a summary of the expected timeframe that it may take your website to see improvements in rankings and what you can do to speed it up.

The Old Way Of SEO

If you look back at SEO techniques from fifteen years ago, things were much more manageable then, and it was possible to quickly rank a site for competitive keywords. The search engines at this time did not take into account things such as site loading speed, the usability of the site, onsite signals, and other factors. In these halcyon days, it was all about the links, and the more you had, the higher you appeared in the search results.

Google and other search engines have moved on since then, and there are many more factors to consider getting a website to rank well. As such, it is often best to look for Melbourne SEO services if you are located in the area or, if you’re outside Australia, find a reputable agency near you to help you get your site ranking quickly and increase your online visibility.

What Can Make Your SEO Work Slowly

No matter what you do to your website, some things will hold it back and make the SEO less effective, which means it will work slower. You need to ensure that your page loading speed is quick and that your site is also mobile-friendly. Google uses the mobile version of your website to assess it, so if it is slow and not user-friendly, they can push you further down the search results.

Not following the advice of the digital agency you are working with can also slow down the process, so you need to listen to them and implement the changes they recommend. Cheap SEO can also slow down your SEO effectiveness, and if you have done shoddy work in the past, this can hold back your site. If you have used low-quality link building services on sites such as fiverr.com, you may need to disavow these links to speed things up.

If Everything Goes Well

When you have hired a reputable digital agency and follow all their advice and implemented the changes they recommend, it is still hard to put an exact timeframe on how quickly your SEO will work. However, that being said, if your onsite is strong and you do not have any significant issues with your site, you should expect to see progress made between three and six months.

Once you see the progress, many companies take their foot off the gas pedal and spend less on their marketing, but you need the momentum to keep increasing your online visibility, so you should not stop your campaign. Set yourself a realistic budget for SEO and stay patient, and if you are working with a reputable agency, you can see the results you crave and get your website ranking where you want it.

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