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Perfect Ruskin Bond Reads For Adults

Born to Edith Clarke and Aubrey Alexander, Ruskin was very young when his parents separated.  While he was attached to his father, his sudden demise left Ruskin under the able care of his grandmother.  Bond’s traumatic boyhood was responsible for shaping his writing style that was majorly focused on children and their problems. 

While Bond is usually referred to as a children’s book writer, his writings are spread across all genres.  Take a look at his literary collection and you will agree that it includes stories for adults as well.  Here are some of his creations that can be a delightful read for grownups!

1. A Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings:

Not only is the title intriguing but the narrative is spine chilling as well!  It is a thrilling narrative of a school teacher in Shimla and his unpleasant encounter with faceless people.  This is Bond’s attempt to make people mull over the mysteries of human existence and the paranormal. 

2. A Flight of Pigeons:

A true story set during the revolt of 1857 is an account of Ruth who is abducted by a Pathan.  Interestingly, the abduction is not due to Pathan’s hatred for Britishers but owing to his love for the lady.  Bond intrinsically weaves simple human emotions into this story beautifully.

3. Delhi Is Not Far:

Delhi Is Not Far deals with the aspirations of small-town folks in India. Indeed, it is a touching tale of ambition, love, friendship, homecoming, and one of Bond’s finest works. He paints a vivid picture of the townsfolk and their idiosyncrasies that makes it an engaging read.

4. Death Under the Deodars:

The title creates suspense right from the word go with Miss Ripley-Bean witnessing a murder taking place. Lo and behold! the murderer also sees her.  This does not stop her and she along with her Tibetan terrier, Fluff, and meticulous observation skills investigates the murder. Read it and it is sure to keep you captivated and entertained until the very end.

5. Landour Days:

The book is basically a compilation of his notes and journal entries from his private collection. He describes the locals, nature at its best and other things which captures his attention around Landour, Mussoorie. It also refers to the four seasons, starting from April.  Every season has a unique description, laced with banter, wit and intellect. This book is Bond’s true portrayal of his life amidst his favorite dwelling-the mountains.

6. Lone Fox Dancing:

Lone Fox Dancing is Ruskin Bond’s autobiography, divided into four parts.  It covers his childhood, school years, stay in England, and his association with his much-loved hills. The novel is a string of anecdotes from his own life experiences and makes a great read.

7. The Sensualist:

This book seemed to be ahead of its times!  It is the portrayal of a man bound by shackles of his sexual desires that proves suicidal for him. Bond in his distinctive style explores the dark shades of human psyche that the protagonist must confront before he is able to come to grips with it.

8. Time Stops at Shamli:

A simple unexciting town is the setting of this classic tale.  The inhabitants of the place seem to be engrossed in their own world.  However, the truth is that each one has a unique story to tell.

9. Susanna’s Seven Husbands:

This is yet another gripping murder mystery set in the backdrop of a sleepy hill station.  It revolves around the protagonist, Susanna, and her search for love.  She ends up marrying several times and each marriage ends with the mysterious death of her spouse.  While she is the prime suspect, but it’s never proven. 

During these times of social distancing, online writing classes is a blessing for beginners learning to write. A good writer should be disciplined, possess a strong vocabulary, meticulous observation skills and above all be an avid reader.  So use this time to learn and read books of different genre.  It will surely act as a booster and enhance your writing skills.

At the same time, if you wish to learn from experts, we have just the right person for you. “Learn writing online with Ruskin Bond” in his unluclass and learn from him first-hand the art of writing. Bond is a contemporary Indian author and has been a recipient of Padma Shri (1999) and the Padma Bhushan (2014).  The “Learn writing online with Ruskin Bond” class takes you through his journey and Bond shares valuable lessons in this course. Happy learning!

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