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Making Your Job Easier: 6 Modern Office Supplies You’re Always Going to Need

New technology is everywhere these days. TV streaming services have replaced cables. Smartphones have replaced landlines. You can tell Alexa to make you a pot of coffee while your Roomba vacuums up the cat hair on the carpet. In the office, some things haven’t changed, though, nor are they likely to at any point soon. There are some office supplies that you are always going to need, and here are six of them that you should ready to go.


You’re always going to need to have a few pens on hand to jot down a phone message or to scribble some notes as a new idea comes into your mind. It’s true that you can record a voice message or find some other way of taking notes besides writing, but in the spur of the moment, it’s best to have a pen because of the ease of use. You’ll still need them to fill out such forms as a need to be hand-delivered rather than sent through email as well.

Post-It Notes

Post-it notes or a small pad of paper should always be on your desk as well. What are you going to write on if you don’t have a pad handy to remind yourself of a meeting or some change of schedule that just came up? As for Post-It notes, they have a million uses. You might use one to label your lunch before you leave it in the employee fridge. Maybe it will be the necessary deterrent that keeps someone from swiping your pudding cup.


You’re always going to want to have a stapler around, too. Much like pens and paper, if you don’t have a stapler, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re going to want one before an entire day has passed. Every office or cubicle should have one. Without it, you’re always going to be borrowing from your neighbor, and they’re probably going to get sick of it.


A pair of scissors should always be available to you as well. You never know what little art projects are going to come up during the day. You might need them to help decorate for a holiday or spontaneous birthday party, and you will surely need them to help you open packages as well.

A Letter Opener

A letter opener seems a bit old fashioned, since not as many people send letters anymore, but you probably still get a few every day. The letter opener is a reminder of a time that is mostly passed, but it is still a useful tool that has a place on every modern desk.


You probably still send out at least a few letters every week as well. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to have a book or an envelope of stamps handy. The “forever” kind that never changes in value are the best ones to have around.

Even if you are being bombarded with the latest technology, you still need a few of the old essentials. If you run out, you’ll regret it, so either visit the supply closet or order some of these without delay.

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