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Ideas for Making Your New Beauty Salon an Instant Success

After being in the business for a number of years, many cosmetologists have built up a clientele that would follow them to the moon if necessary. If you are thinking of striking it out on your own to open a shop, there are a few interesting ideas you might want to consider which will give your new beauty salon that something extra that other salons lack. It’s all about diversification and customer service. Get those two things right and you will have more clients than you know what to do with – literally!

Branching Out from Behind the Chair

One of the things which have made you successful in the business, beyond your skill as a cos that is, is your rapport with the clients who come to you regularly for their cuts, colors, perms, blowouts and other services. You learn a little bit about each of your clients and in the process, you realize that there are patterns to what today’s patrons are looking for. Keep your ears open so that you can take those wants out from behind the chair to provide a variety of services beyond hair, skin and nails.

They Want the Whole Package

What most women are looking for many times is a total makeover that goes beyond cosmetology services. They are looking for the total package which includes such things as Beauty and Fashion Designs, accessories, jewelry and even perfumes. While many shops sell a variety of hair, skin and nail care products, few actually have a fashion shop attached to the salon. You can start small with a few trendy items and over time add to your line as needed. Give them guidance on how to dress for the look they are going for and spend that extra time with them to help them bring out their inner beauty.

Complimentary Beverages Are Always a Big Hit

This is a practice which seems to have gone by the wayside, but in many high-end salons around the world women come just for the socialization while waiting for their stylist. There was a time when many Parisian salons served coffee, croissants and even wine or champagne to patrons waiting for their turn in the chair and the ladies often became friends. They’d make their appointments on the same days so that they could ‘meet up’ and gossip a little or they’d talk about the kids, the husband or even new business endeavors. This is something you might want to seriously consider adding to your shop to give it that something extra other salons can’t be ‘bothered with.’

Note: Many states don’t allow salons to give free alcoholic beverages unless licensed to sell alcohol because it is seen as part of the service being rendered and thus for sale. See Florida’s law for reference.

It’s the Whole Package That Counts

All of the above describe diversification (the offering of other services) and customer service (going the extra mile to satisfy your clients). Beauty is a big business and ladies spend a small fortune if they truly believe you want them to look and be their best. Of course, you do, or you wouldn’t be adding services other shops have long since forgotten. Take the time to really know your clients and you will see that there are other things you could be doing to draw an even bigger following. Be creative and unique and watch how quickly your brand becomes the talk of the town. Have fun and good luck on your new venture. Success is just around the corner.

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