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How to get a Job as a Waiter without Experience

If you’re interested in a career as a waiter, then you may be concerned about your lack of experience in this area. While some restaurants do like their servers to have some previous work experience, many will gladly hire a newbie. If you’re concerned about obtaining a job in this field, here are some tips to help you find a job as a waiter without having any prior experience.

Expand on Other Work Experiences

Many jobs require the same skill sets as a waiter, so you can discuss some of the skills you picked up in your application or in an interview. Working in any type of customer service is one of the basic skills that waiters also need. If you’re completely new to the job market in general, then discuss your volunteer work or other hobbies that have contributed to your skill set. Everyone has a point in their life where they didn’t have a first job, so don’t be intimidated by a lack of prior work experience.

Do Some Research

If you want to do well in your interview, make sure to do some work ahead of time. If you’re looking for waiter jobs that may be easier to break into, for example, at a chain like Red Lobster, go on the Job Application Center website and look for applications as well as instructions on how to apply. Chain restaurants are a good option, as they often hire people without experience in the field and will allow you to build your resume.

Also, make sure to do some research on the general roles and responsibilities of a waiter. You’ll want to impress your potential boss with your knowledge in this area.

Practice Skills

Waiters have a large range of responsibilities, but many of them involve preparing tables, serving dishes, carrying trays, and cleaning up after meals. Practice these skills at home to make sure you can take on these tasks easily. Some restaurants have a trial period before they decide to hire employees full-time, so practicing your skills before starting will make it easier for you to keep the job. You’ll probably also get training on the job, but practice really does make perfect.

Be Friendly

One of the key features for waitstaff is their friendliness and ability to talk to people. In your interview, demonstrate that you’re a friendly and warm person as much as possible. Many interviewers base their hiring on how they perceive your personality, maybe even more than just what’s on your resume.

Make sure to be polite during the interview and smile throughout the process. Even if you’re not a naturally outgoing person, you can still put on a good demonstration for the interview and work on this skill later.


Although many people are intimidated by applying for a job where they don’t have any prior experience, you can often get the job by taking a few simple steps. Show the hiring manager that you have the attitudes and attitude to succeed as a waiter and you’ll be much more likely to get the job.

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