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Get ahead in your career by following these three tips

If you are an ambitious person and have dreams of getting to the top of your field, you may constantly be thinking of all the ways in which you can advance your career. You might have become thoroughly competent in your current role and be thinking that it is time to progress to another more challenging position, or you could be seriously considering taking the leap and starting up your own business. To give you some ideas, here are three tips that you can follow to help you get ahead in your career.

1. Find a mentor

Is there a particular role that you dream of getting into, either within your organization or elsewhere, but you are concerned that as of now you lack the necessary skills and experience in order to apply for that position successfully? If so, finding a mentor who is already in that position is a great way to learn more and prepare yourself for promotion. When finding a mentor, it is important that you do your research. Identify the person in your organization who is experienced in your coveted position, or spend time exploring LinkedIn to identify a leading expert in your field who shares your career aspirations and personality. Then, send a polite email breaking the ice and exploring the possibility of mentoring. Whilst you might get a few knock backs, it might also be the start of a mutually beneficial and long-lasting business relationship.

2. Further education

You might have graduated from school many years ago and be relieved that you no longer have to attend tedious classes and sit stressful exams. However, furthering your own education is an ideal way of getting ahead in your career and progressing into more senior positions. Enroll onto a further education course that complements your career path and will help you to progress, such as a Masters in Business Analytics. Or you might be working in a field in which you need to complete a very specific masters degree program in order to progress and specialize, for example, if you are an attorney wanting to specialize in property law. Find a flexible program that is taught online, allowing you to further your education and upgrade your qualifications while working a full-time job.

3. Network

In simple terms, networking is talking to and connecting with other professionals in your field. However, it is more than simply having a chat, as networking enables you to form bonds with others who could help you in advancing your career: you could, for example, exchange valuable industry insights with your network, or get the heads up about a vacancy or training opportunities from someone who thinks you would be perfect in the role. Many industries host networking events such as annual conferences and business dinners. However, LinkedIn is a great social network site for business professionals, enabling you to easily network and connect with others in your industry from all over the globe.

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