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Essential Marketing Skills

Essential Marketing Skills Needed to Start Your Business

Do you remember how you tried to write an essay in college and needed help? You googled phrases like «I need college paper writing» and received a list of agencies that provide college assignment help. This situation is a good example of how marketing is done: you look for someone to write an essay, and an essay agency needs you as a client. Marketing strategies built by this agency connect you, and you make a perfect match. To make any business successful, the owner should invest in advertising, for one simple reason: in the era of digitalization, marketing becomes probably the most effective method to find and attract clients by providing visibility of the products and particular services your business offers. 

Top marketing skills for you to master 

A successful strategy in marketing is not based on buying the necessary tools and hoping for the best. It is a long and complex process that requires a certain approach and constant work to achieve the goal (number of customers). If you aim to start a new business and want people to know about it, there are some marketing skills you should learn and apply for reaching your audience. In this guide, we will share with you some key ones to start getting the first customers. So, your marketing skills should consist of:

1. Communication

Even though today the advertising is mostly handled online (unless your audience is so old that they don’t even have laptops), you still have to teamwork with your employees and interact with clients, so you should either train your staff or learn yourself how to behave and properly communicate with your leads and clients;

2. Right content and ways of its creation

By this point, we mean copywriting and design skills. First, you have to start creating your online presence with publishing unique, interesting, and, what is more valuable, relevant, and specific content about your business. It will allow your users discover more about your company and services and become interested in buying it. Your website should have all contact information, chat-bot (optional), and a blog where you will be posting fresh content. The right organization of articles, videos, and images will transform your audience in hot leads;

3. Social networks

Today any business or company, even a small one, has an account in social networks: mostly, in Facebook, Instagram, and other less popular websites. It is a perfect (and, what is especially attractive, free) way to promote your brand and the provided services. According to statistics, 54% of online purchases are made by mobile users just scrolling their feed, so why not benefit from it? It will require some basic SMM skills and content organization;

4. SEO

Do you remember our example with homework help and an essay agency? Do you understand how you found it? Well, the agency created some good relevant content and included there the keywords – words and phrases that users most often type in the search field when looking for something. Thus, typing a request about writing services, you receive a list of writing agencies and become a client of one of them. Your main task is to find out these words and phrases and optimize the articles in your blog to them. The great point is that organic traffic (users that come from search results) is free, and this way, you can receive more than 51% of potential clients. You just need your website to be useful and visible in search;

5. Digital advertising

If you don`t want to wait until users find you on their own, you can speed up this process by using advertising online and data analytics offered by such platforms as Google and Facebook. Every platform requires special tactics, types of ads, and budget, so we recommend you choose one and carefully read its requirements to understand whether you want to work with it. OtherwiseIf you don`t spend time on investigation, you will be just wasting your budget for nothing;

6. Outreach

One of the essential skills is outreach: for example, getting leads by guest posting and link building. How it works: you write an article, not for your blog but for another website, and include a link to your website in the content. Your main task is to do it as natural as possible to make a user click on it and check your website;

7. Project management

To see results, you need to set goals, track time, and activity using special analytic tools and create reports on your progress. Thus you can receive statistics and see what strategies work better and what approaches should be changed. You should buy good marketing automation tools not to spend time on routine things, create an account in CRM to follow the results and actions, and be able to measure your ROI. All these tools will give you a clear picture of what has been done, what results it brought, how much profit it brought, and what should be changed. So project management is one of the crucial things in marketing.

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