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Double Check: 6 Ways to Avoid Payroll Mistakes

A payroll system that is smooth-running is crucial to the success of any business. Problems that have to do with staff payment can result in poor productivity due to low morale and perhaps an audit from the government. It is important to learn how to avoid common payroll mistakes when it comes to employee pay. Here are six ways you can avoid payroll mistakes.

  1. Set Up and Update System Regularly

It is important to ensure that all the information in the payroll is correct. This includes information on employees, amounts on tax withholding and information on payment. This will minimize errors and ensure that the employees get paid the correct amount. 

  1. Timely payment of employees

Paying your employees on time will not only keep them motivated but will keep them productive as well. Late payments will likely cause a backtrack which could lead to errors on the payroll. If keeping up with the payroll is hard, you should consider hiring professionals for such tasks. 

  1. Overpayment

An overpayment is often a common payroll mistake which may appear innocuous but the repercussions can be serious. Whether it is withholding so much taxes due to fear of an audit or paying your workers for work they haven’t done, there are chances that overpayment can do more harm than good to your business. Hiring an unbiased third party expert in a regular basis and educating your finance employee to be keen and confident with withholding the company’s earning, you will be in a position to pay only what is owed to you. Learn more about payroll service by visiting www.payrollserviceaustralia.com.au.

  1. Pay taxes on time

All payroll taxes from you and your employees should be reported to the local and state federal tax authorities. To prevent any penalties by the relevant authorities, make sure that all the taxes are paid on time. 

  1. Incorrect Payment

Sometimes, the complexity of handling a business may result in incorrect payment. To prevent this from occurring, you should run a trial on the payroll before the due date. You can make a requisition of dates from your payroll providers so as not to miss payments. Using the correct tax code is important to prevent overpayment.  This forces the employees to return any excess payments that may create a bad image for the organization.

  1. Appropriate Employee Classification

The use of independent contractors means a different payment method will be used compared to your part-time or full-time employees. It is very important not to wrongly classify your employees as independent contractors to prevent payment of employee taxes. By doing so, you will be forced to pay retroactive payroll taxes.

Final Word

The outcome of processing incorrect payrolls may vary depending on the size of the business in question. Approximately forty percent of small and medium enterprises pay substantial amounts annually for penalties resulting from mistakes on the payroll. These mistakes can be prevented by making good finance and accounting decisions, maintaining an accurate payroll, and creating a flawless tax preparation system. The above guidelines can guide your business to make the right decisions as far as the company’s payroll is concerned.

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