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Don Forman Las Vegas – A Prosperous Businessman, An Accomplished Entrepreneur, And A Sympathetic Humanitarian

Don Forman Las Vegas runs his business, Don Forman Nissan, and with time he set out his venture to be one of the most successful trades. However, with all his business accomplishments, he has shown that he as a philanthropic and compassionate side. While he works for his business growth, but Forman believes that it is not the business that defines him, but what he gives back to the community that supported his business.

Forman did not talk about charity to get recognition or add merits to his resume; instead, he took actions to show that he cared. He is an excellent example for other business people, corporations, and people. He even used his dealership as a platform to support his community during the rough days. It was the same compassion that led him into a partnership with Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Forman’s dealership took the auto industry by storm. While he was selling cars like other dealers, but his business acumen, entrepreneurship, and progressive skills helped him expand his business. In a short period, his firm became one of the leading names in his community.

In 2017, Forman’s name was at the forefront again. It was not because he was selling cars, but what he was doing with his dealership. LA went through a shooting incident that left countless people hurt and the city in panic. Don Forman Las Vegas knew his community could use all the help they can get. He set up his dealership to offer free car rides to all those people who were willing to donate blood for those who got injured in the shooting. These were hard times for his community, and anger and resentment rose everywhere. But Don Forman did not lose faith in humanity and knew he had to show people that good people are there for them. He did not fear for his business sales, and he hardly had any concerns about losing money. His main objective was to contribute at the time of need for his society.

Forman always needed a platform where he could help others. He formed a partnership with Fox5 for the TV show The Surprise Squad. The premises of the show allowed Forman to reach out to people who were inspirational, working hard and had a story to tell. The program tracked the struggles of these amazing people and then surprised them by doing something to improve and better their lives. The show had a Forman vision to assist his community. The show was not meant to be a gimmick to get views, ratings, and sponsors. These were genuine people all working to do something for the community. Forman and Fox5 were working in collaboration to bring delight in the lives of his community.

Forman appreciates the value of a society and his responsibility to make a positive difference. While his focus as a businessperson saw him building an impressive resume of accomplishments, his real passion is to do good for his community. Even in his business, Forman friendly, compassionate, and courteous service was not a work, but his character.  Forman attempts to be as accommodating, gracious, and understanding of people’s circumstances and financial state as possible.

You can see him at public speaking events, hosting seminars, and working in collaboration with Fox5, all with the intent to encourage others to step up. He strongly feels that those who have made successful lives with business and trade in the community should give back to society. He has shown by his example that a business role is not to corner its customers as clients. A business should have positive relations with the clients, and Don Forman Las Vegas believes that successful people have obligations towards the community. Everyone should play their part to serve society and strive to contribute to the welfare and charitable commitments.

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