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Business VoIP Apps: Exploring Their Usage Viability For Startups

Did you know that many startups fail within their first five years? This isn’t to say that you’re golden after hitting the five-year mark, but this just demonstrates the fragility of startups.

Because they’re just starting out, they would really have their work cut out for them. Not only would they have to generate funds, improve brand recognition, and turn a profit, they also have so little to do all these with.

The initial setup will be hard. But because most (if not all) setup concerns relate to communication inside and outside the organization, business phone number app might be worth looking into. 

Without sufficient funds, you’ll usually have to sacrifice either quality or quantity. Frugal solutions aren’t usually the best, but that’s not the case with VoIP.

Learn more about VoIP numbers and how VoIP business phone line apps would be useful to your startup.

A quick intro on VoIP numbers

To more easily understand this, we ask: how did you get your number?

Most likely, you got it from a phone company, whether it’s for a landline or your cell phone. A virtual number is obtained from providers like Betacompany.net and their partners.

But instead of audio data being transferred via copper wires or cell towers, you have the internet to do the work for you.

Therefore, it can do everything that your regular number can like texting and calling and so much more. Unlike the number you get from a traditional phone company, your VoIP number isn’t bound by the same rules.

For one, a single number can be used on multiple devices at the same time. This gives you the freedom to answer a call on the gadget of your choosing.

Also, you can avoid international call charges because you can get a number from anywhere you want.

But the best thing about this type of number? You’re not locked in a contract. Although you can get discounts for paying a few months in advance, this is not in any way required. It’s just an incentive.

However, even without the discounts, companies have found that it has been effective in keeping costs low without compromising quality.

Why switch to VoIP in the first place?

The most obvious reason is cost. Without a budget to support a quality communication system, any startup would fail. Thankfully, VoIP overcomes this issue because of how cheap it is.

VoIP’s infrastructure resides solely within the internet. Without the physical infrastructure to maintain, it’s easier for providers to offer competitive pricing. This is also why it’s so much cheaper to avail of add-on features that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Another thing that VoIP offers is flexibility, something that startups need a lot of. With VoIP, you can easily scale up or scale down with ease so your funds are always used in the most efficient way possible.

And because your staff can be anywhere there’s an internet connection, there’s no need to put money into having a physical office. You can even hire offshore talent where labor is cheaper!

Need more reasons to switch? All these benefits your startup will enjoy by switching would be enhanced by the use of VoIP apps.

How useful is a business phone number app for startups?

VoIP apps are normally free to use and are made available by your chosen provider. Essentially, it gives an extension to your access to VoIP using your phone. Here are a few ways it could be useful:

1. It gives you a phone within a phone.

There’s no need for you to purchase a work phone for the entire office. To cut costs down, they can instead use the phones that they already have.

Your business phone number app is essentially a phone within a phone. Using your regular number, you’d still be able to receive messages like how you normally do. The same goes for calls and everything else you do with your phone.

Then, the messages on your virtual number will be received on the app. This means no interference and crossover between your personal and professional life.

2. It’s like any other app.

VoIP apps do what they’re supposed to do, just like your Facebook or Messenger app. And following the expectations of a modern-day app, these are also incredibly user-friendly.

Without the learning curve in using it, you’d be able to use it as soon as you download it.

3. It gives even more flexibility to your staff.

No one likes to carry their laptops everywhere so having the same thing on the phone would be a great convenience.

Plus, it’s pretty useful if your staff delivers things all the time. The same goes for any type of work where someone’s always outside.

Having an app maintains their connection with everyone else while still doing their jobs.

VoIP apps extend and enhance the power of VoIP to transform a startup. In that case, what else is there to do but try it out?

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