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3 Corporate Catering Ideas That Will Bring Your Business to Life

Catered meals liven up many meetings, conferences, employee appreciation days, and other corporate events. Professional caterers are always ready to provide delicious food that workers, clients, and everyone else will enjoy.

Depending upon the nature of the event in question, it can be helpful to think outside of the box a bit when it comes to catering. Getting a bit creative can help make corporate catering even more memorable.

Going Beyond the Basics Pays Off When It Comes to Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is sometimes treated as a bit of an afterthought, but that will never be advisable. Making sure that the basics are accounted for first will always be wise and productive. Catering Special Dietary Needs, for instance, will ensure that everyone in attendance will be able to enjoy a corporate event to its fullest.

Once such fundamentals have been addressed, it can easily pay to brainstorm a bit. The multibillion dollar catering industry is a place where plenty of interesting, appropriate options are always available.

That, in fact, has been one important reason for the industry’s impressive recent growth. Three catering approaches that can help set corporate events apart from the rest are:


  • Build your own. When the goal is to provide a quick, satisfying meal so that diners can get back to work as needed, catering sometimes starts to feel a bit flat. Self-service options like sandwiches and traditional buffet lines are common but not always very interesting. Do-it-yourself bars and spreads tend to make for much more interesting but equally practical catering. Taco bars are popular with just about everyone at casual corporate events and can be easily designed to accommodate specific dietary needs. Spreads that allow diners to dress up everything from baked potatoes to hot dogs are just as eagerly received.


  • Breakfast at any time. Breakfast foods are some of the most popular of all, and they do not have to be served only in the morning. Corporate caterers who offer favorites like pancakes, eggs, pastries, and cereals during the middle of the day make for memorable events. In addition to being delicious, breakfast tends to be inexpensive. That can make it practical to treat workers to an extra catered meal without breaking the bank.


  • Satisfying appetizers. Many people have experienced how an impressive selection of appetizers can take the place of a meal. Corporate caterers often have many appetizers to choose from, and it will not always be necessary to stick to just a couple. A dim-sum-style catering menu can include a dozen or more small dishes that combine to satisfy any appetite. Appetizers of other kinds can just as well serve the same purpose when they are selected appropriately.

Creative Corporate Catering Makes More of an Impression

Catering options like these that stray a bit from the beaten path will not be appropriate to every corporate event. Sometimes, it will make more sense to serve a safe, conventional plated meal, for example, to a group of important executives and clients.

On the other hand, it can just as easily pay to get a bit more creative with catering for other kinds of events. Doing so can help make what might otherwise have been forgettable corporate catering into a meal that will be talked about for a long time to come.

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