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Worried About Bad Practices at Your Business?

It can happen anywhere, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Individuals at all different companies across the world can do bad things which can reflect in a negative light on the company. This is why you need to protect your business from such things with insurance and contracts with employees. But how do you stop and mitigate these issues from occurring? Well, some of these may help. Just be sure to tell people why you are doing it. It isn’t nice to feel accused when you’ve done nothing wrong. Be tactical and ensure you are firm but fair.

Issues With Drugs

Drugs are an issue all over the place, with some countries and cities being worse than others. If you suspect people are using drugs in your business then you need to get to the bottom of it as soon as you possible can. Consider using drug test cups to get to the bottom of who’s taking the drugs and who isn’t. The random testing will put people on their toes. Make it clear you will not accept the usage of drugs on your business premises. Start questioning people and reviewing CCTV until you get to the bottom of it. If you find someone, your best bet is firing them. They obviously don’t respect you and have helped spread a bad culture around the office. So letting someone go can send the message you do not accept this kind of behaviour at your place of operation and will stop other potential rule breakers from doing it to.

Route Them Out At Hiring

To stop people initiating bad practice in your business you should consider upping the stringency of your hiring process. Make it harder to get a job where you work. Do proper pre-employment checks and really get to the bottom of what you need to find out. Check their criminal record, don’t just let them declare it, actually check it. Make sure you follow up on references and check their documents with care, ensuring they have the right to work. If you only let the best people through your doors then the likelihood of bad practice is staunched. If your hiring methods are lax, then other bad kinds of people can come in and contribute to the downfall of your business.


It can happen in all business areas, but harassment can be a real problem. If you don’t have human resource facilities in your business then you need to act as the point of contact for your employees. If someone claims harassment, then you need to act on it appropriately, otherwise it is you and your firm who can end up in trouble. Consider ensuring the two in question are no longer sat close together, and interview them both separately, getting both sides of the story. If it continues, go down the disciplinary route. You need everyone to feel like they can work without threat or issue. If they can’t, then their productivity will dip and they could even become depressed.

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