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Why YouTube Is A Business’s Best Friend

Apps like Snapchat and social media outlets, like Facebook, seem to grab the majority of the limelight, especially when it comes to doing business. But the funny thing is that they probably aren’t the most effective way of turning your marketing investments into pure profit. The reasons for this are obvious: social media is extremely crowded, with practically every business having some sort of account.

There is another search engine out there, one that we’ve all heard of but seldom use for business purposes that could offer a solution. That search engine, of course, is YouTube, and it’s the second-largest in the world, after Google itself.

What’s interesting about YouTube is that it is a largely untapped resource. Most companies don’t have videos up on YouTube, and even if they do, they’re usually a long way away from being anything like popular.

Businesses that choose to use the platform, however, tend to see exponential gains in their engagement numbers. The online retailer ModCloth managed to get 4000 subscribers and 1 million views on the YouTube channel for about a ninth of the cost that similar exposure would have cost on other social networks.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should start marketing on YouTube.

Your Audience Will Promote You

Videos add a personal touch and are much more engaging than banner ads or other methods of internet marketing. When you show customers real people, they are much more likely to trust you and to buy from you in the future. Companies that invest in a quality video marketing service will also see their customers promoting their brand and product to other people in their social circles.

Evidence from research shows that consulting companies and professional services who advertise using videos on their landing pages make more conversions than those that do not. Having a video featuring a person speaking about your product and why it is good can dramatically increase your sales.

Build Your Email List Through YouTube

Building an email list through something like Adwords is a challenge mostly because calls to action that don’t involve video just aren’t very engaging. You can play around with buttons and signup boxes on your website as much as you like, but there’s a limit to how effective they can be.

Now, though, YouTube is allowing people to embed signup options into videos. This means that a viewer can watch a video and temporarily stop it to enter their email address. This approach, many experts say, makes it much easier to build an email list.

Build A Worldwide Audience

Six Pack Shortcuts was a YouTube business started by Mike Chang in California over 10 years ago. If it hadn’t been for YouTube, then his company would have remained local to the California area, but it soon grew a following all over the world.

Creating creative content consistently opens up the door to global appeal. About 30 percent of all YouTube users are English-speaking, but there are opportunities to target niches in other languages. YouTube videos with captions get around 4 percent more views than those without.

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