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Why You Should Focus on Improving Your Customer Service

If you know anything about business at all, you’ll know that having a good level  of customer service is absolutely essential for retaining customers and getting new ones. You might think that you already have a good level of customer service, but is it as good as it possibly can be? Here’s why you should focus on improving your customer service:

Because Customers Will Tell More People About A Poor Experience

Did you know that customers will tell more people about a poor experience, than they will about a good one? Let’s say a customer has a wonderful experience with you, and tells 5 people about it. That’s amazing! You have 5 people who have received great word of mouth reviews about you, which can’t be beaten or bought in terms of marketing. Let’s say somebody has a bad experience with you. They may tell up to 15 people about it! Not so great. That’s 15 people who don’t think it’s worth working with you. While you can redeem yourself, simply making sure you don’t make mistakes in the first place is a good idea.

Because It’s Hard To Make Up For Mistakes

You can make up for your mistakes. However, it can take a few more visits before you’ve fully made up for it in the customer’s subconscious mind. Avoid making silly mistakes with customer service in the first place so you don’t have to try to make up for anything you’ve done.

Because Customers Won’t Always Tell You When They Are Unhappy

Some customers don’t like to complain. This means they won’t even tell you that they are unhappy, or have had a bad time with you. They’ll simply leave, and never return. You should always find a way to find out what sort of experience you are providing people with. Emailing afterwards with a feedback form, or something along those lines could clue you in. If your system goes down or something like that, chances are, your customers won’t be happy. Not only should you make up for it, you should make sure you’re working with people such as computer-eyez.com to get the problem fixed.

Because It’s Easier To Retain Customers Than Gain New Ones

It’s much easier to retain customers than gain new ones. Improving your customer service and making your previous customers feel great will be beneficial to you. If you don’t show that you care about your customers, then they won’t stay with you. You need to work on retaining them for long term success.

Because Your Reputation Matters

Your reputation matters, and good customer service will add to that. Many business owners don’t realize that it’s not always the product or service they offer that keeps people coming back. Many people like the feeling they get when working with or ordering from certain companies. It’s all about that feeling! Make sure you give all of your customers a good feeling about working with you.

Improve your customer service and you’ll reap the benefits!

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