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Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Text marketing is a trend that’s growing significantly, and in 2021, it’s going to be more relevant than ever. As the cost of advertising on digital channels continues to rise while ROIs dwindle, the popularity of SMS is skyrocketing.

If you’re wondering if you should include SMS messages in your marketing strategy, keep reading. In this article, you’ll find out why texts still matter.

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Text Marketing

A Finnish news provider said the first marketing text was sent in 2000, and the technology has grown significantly in the two decades since then. However, you might still be a little unsure about currently embracing the technology. How can something that’s 20 years old still be relevant in a dynamic, ever-changing, industry?

According to Tatango, it’s one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience today. Here are a few reasons why:

Cost-Effective and High ROI

Although prices differ depending on your provider, SMS marketing tends to be more affordable than most other types. Additionally, operators will let you scale your solution. This means you don’t need a 50,000-message package if you’re a small business with a few hundred subscribers.

Text marketing also has excellent conversion rates, coming in at 29% on average and going as high as 45%. That’s significantly better than email’s 3.26% or Facebook advertisements at 9.21%.

The low cost and high conversion rates of a text marketing campaign mean that you can generate a much better return on investment.

Fast Delivery and a Sense of Urgency

Sending an SMS is fast and has a 99% open rate. That’s ideal if you’re holding a flash sale or running a limited-time promotion.  It makes consumers act quickly to chase after a great deal.

Personalized Messaging

One of text marketing’s most significant capabilities is personalization. Digital marketing channels are so oversaturated that many businesses try to cut costs by running generic campaigns to target a broad audience.

Modern consumers don’t want to receive generic messages or irrelevant offers:

  • 74% of consumers are frustrated with generic marketing messages.
  • 91% are more likely to buy from brands that send them relevant offers.
  • 90% find personalized marketing appealing.
  •  72% only want to engage with personalized messages.

If you want to engage your consumers, personalized text messages are your best option.

Consumers Want Texts

The data supports the idea that consumers want to receive texts from brands. That doesn’t mean they want to be spammed with irrelevant information. However, 75% of customers find SMS messages appealing if they’ve opted-in to receive them – and that’s just one of many similar statistics:

  • 75% of consumers want brands to text them coupons or special offers.
  • 64% think that businesses should be contacting them via SMS.
  • 91% consider texts from brands to be either somewhat or very useful.

In short, your customers want you to interact with them through texts. Ignore them at your peril.

Be an Early Adopter

The potential of text marketing is clear. SMS technology is affordable and offers excellent ROI, but these aren’t even its top benefits. Your potential clients want you to send them messages and special offers, while its personalization capabilities can help you turn them into loyal, long-term customers.

In marketing years, you might think of SMS as prehistoric. However, if you don’t embrace it soon, your business may become extinct. 

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