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Why Planning Software is Changing the Way We Conduct Business

Years ago, people simply used pens and papers for planning, which was then followed by spreadsheets.Now, we have software which has been created specifically to make project planning easier and faster.

Planning software is extremely user friendly and makes work far easier, as multiple people can log in at the same time and work on the same project. With the wide range of features available through the software, it has fundamentallytransformed the way we conduct businesses.

Here are just a few of them:

Helps to create a central database

Furthermore, project planning software helps you to have a central database where you can store all of the project’s key information, along with every employee’s role. This ensures that every employee knows what they need to do, and also allows them to keep up to date on what their colleagues are doing. You can also access the database anywhere where you have an internet connection, as a mobile app is available to use when you’re away from your desktop.

Helps to reduce time required for new employees to catch up with others

If a new member of staff arrives and finds the project already half way done, they can easily catch up by checking the information stored in the project planning software program. They do not have to go collecting information from all the employees’ hard drive, as all the data they require is stored in one place, hence; it’s easier for them to gain access to it which will familiarise them with the project and puts them on track to start work.

Helps in time tracking

With the planning software, you will know which projects you are working on, how long you should spend on them and when they need to be completed by. The software can also be integrated with your computer’s calendar, meaning you can easily view what needs to be done without even having to log in.

Enhances integration

Everybody is working in the same system, which is updated in real-time, so employees can see every stage of the project as a change is implemented. This also means that the same data with the project team is the same data with the accounting team. No double work is done trying to duplicate the project team’s work, which saves both time and error.

 The processes are standardised

Planning software means that when creating documents, every employee will enter the same data that the software asks of them. This enhances consistency in the business as the data and reports are all the same, instead of being varied depending on what methods each employee uses. This also helps to bring unity amongst employees, as they’re all working in the same way.

Helps to retrieve documents easily

Since you have a central data base where everything is safely stored, you can easily retrieve data if it’s needed in the future, for example if something that’s downloaded/printed gets lost. Also, you can know if anyone modified the information since every staff member has a different login system. Thus, if something has been modified without approval, it’s easy to track whoever did it.

It’s time-saving

You no longer have to spend time setting up spreadsheets, asking around to see how other stages of the project’s coming along, or compiling reports. Project planning software streamlines the entire process and ultimately helps employees to reach their goals, meaning the project can be completed and delivered far quicker.

Helps to get great quality projects

Project planning software helps you to assign the project to the right people, which means that it will be worked on by experts and the will be of a far greater quality. They should also be able to deliver it in good time, hence you do not have to stress around deadlines.

It highlights those who aren’t performing

Productivity can be easily analysed with the software, as the utilization feature allows you to see what everyone is doing and where they’re falling behind. If an employee hasn’t completed their tasks, it will show and you can quickly communicate with them to see what the problem is. Furthermore, those employees who are excelling throughout the project can be spotted and rewarded for their work.

Planning software has improved a significant process in the business world, which is the development and delivery of tasks. It enhances productivity, saves time, and provides clients with a much higher quality of service.

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