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Why It is Important to Back Up Your Data

Data security has become one of the key topics of our age. With more data flowing around than ever, people are becoming more and more paranoid about it falling into the wrong hands. We are now becoming accustomed to daily news about hackers getting their hands-on vital information from even the most secure seeming of companies and institutions.

With the amount of data in the digital universe doubling every two years, data security will likely rise in importance. Of equal importance is backing up your data to make sure that you never lose anything. While we like to think of it as a physical property securely under lock-and-key, this could not be further from the truth, with data easily falling out of our hands. Below we have written four reasons why it is so important to back up your data regularly.

Let Managed IT Services Do the Hard Lifting

Backing up your company’s data and remembering to do so regularly can be quite a pain. Why not let another company do it for you? With the managed IT services like those from Iconic IT, you can get regular backups of your business without having to do any of the hard work yourself.  They offer Cloud Backups, meaning that data does not take up any space as well as meaning that it stays secure and saves you money. With a plan that suits whatever budget you might have; we fully recommend them no matter the size of your business.

Internet Outages

Companies like Google are susceptible to outages, just as much as any small business, which serves as a reminder of how important it is to have backups for every possible scenario. This is especially true if the provider your company uses for a website or the software used for storing data suddenly breaks down through no fault of your own. By backing up your data regularly, you can mitigate against such disasters.

Computer Breakdown

Computers are still physical machines. Whether it is an accident with coffee, a sudden slip of the hand or even a natural disaster, your entire device can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, potentially wiping out months and years of work. But with regular back-ups, ideally to both another physical location and a cloud backup, any physical malfunction matters little, as you can re-upload all new data to a new machine in little time.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are becoming more common. Hackers get into the backend of your website, threatening to shut it all down if they do not receive a certain amount of money in a certain time. Terrifying, right? Well, if you manage to back up your data properly, then you can re-upload it, rendering the ransomware attack less powerful.

Migrating Information

Companies change cloud computing software or websites all the time. With regular and up-to-date backups, if you have to move any information from one place to another, this can be done relatively quickly.

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