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What Makes a Reliable Platform for Buying Precious Metals

If you have surplus money, then investing it in precious metals can be a lucrative option. You may buy these metals not only for investment but for consumption as well. Considering this, a number of platforms have come up to offer you metals like gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium on great deals. But a deal that seems too good to be true should be better avoided.

Here, you will know what makes a reliable platform for buying precious metals, such as https://www.indigopreciousmetals.com/.

Form and Weight

The platform from where you are buying the metal should make it available in different forms and sizes as per your requirements. The weight of bars can range from 20 gms to 50 gms to 100 gms, 500 gms, or 1 kg. Silver bars can be as heavy as 15 kgs. However, if your budget is low and you are looking for a lighter weight, you can go for coins around 30 gms to 60 gms. Boxes of several coins can also be available.

Though the investors invests on precious metals like platinum, gold, silver and so on, there must be a fully checked and tested in the quality and the quantity with the certifications and authorizations. But to enhance the experience of the new investors or the customers, review make us to clarify our doubts about investments on a particular metal in a certain platform


Since precious metals are expensive, you can’t risk your hard-earned money on a seller who does not show you any proof of their authenticity. Make sure that you buy from a reputed platform only. The platform should offer a secure vaulting system with insurance from a reliable provider.


Precious metals like gold are malleable, and they may be mixed with alloys to make pieces of jewellery. Gold is 24K in the purest form, and it may be available in 14, 18, 22, and 24 K purity. The more Ks it has, the more purer it becomes. So, the platform you choose should make metals available in different purity ratios, and you must receive the one you pay for. If you pay for 22K, you should get 22K only and not 18K.


If you are buying a precious, the best benchmark to look for is its certification. The coin or bar you buy from the seller should carry a certificate of purity from a recognised authority in your country. The platform must have a high trust rating, with which you can be sure of professional quality service, promised purity, secure vaulting, industrial expertise, reasonable rates, and trouble-free transactions. Online payments should be secured so that your financial information is not leaked to anyone.

Currency Accepted for Transactions

The platform that you choose should accept payment in multiple currencies so that you can pay your bill in your currency without any conversion charges. Some platforms may even allow you to purchase without any VAT or Capital Gains Taxes.

Customer Service

Whether you are buying precious metals for the first time or you are a regular buyer, you must be having certain queries that should be answered by the platform’s customer service team. The team members should be experts and experienced in the industry and be knowledgeable enough to answer your doubts.

Now that you have made up your mind to buy some precious metals, keep in mind the points mentioned above.

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