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What makes a great marketing video?

Whether shown on TV or online, marketing videos have the potential to raise brand awareness and drive up sales. However, it’s important to realise that not all of these commercials are created equal. If you’re to get maximum benefit from these promotions, it’s essential that you understand what makes a great marketing video. Keep reading for a rundown of some of the basics.

A compelling story

video production and film company on their website, viewers now expect a lot from commercials. Compared with consumers in the past, they want higher production values and more arresting concepts. This is why it’s essential that your content tells a compelling story. Rather than simply going for the hard sell, it’s important to draw people into your video by centring it around a narrative that really grips viewers. Your story should appeal to consumers’ needs and desires, and it should say something unique about your business. Whether it’s quirky and funny or it strikes a serious note, your narrative should be personal to your company and capture the imaginations of viewers.

Instant appeal

You don’t have long to get people’s attention with your videos, so it’s vital that your content has instant appeal. A boring introduction sequence could make viewers switch off – figuratively or even literally. This means that your story has to come through strongly from the outset of your video. The first line of your ad may well be the most important, so make sure you come up with something that intrigues viewers and makes them want to stay tuned. As well as getting your narrative and wording spot on, it helps to use striking visuals. This should ensure people sit up and take notice when your commercial starts.

Less can be more

When you’re proud of your products or services, it can be tempting to cram as much information as possible about them into your marketing material. However, making your videos too wordy and detailed can be a big mistake. Often, the simplest ads are the most effective. Bear in mind that you’re not trying to tell the full story of your business and the things you have to offer; instead, you should see video ads as a chance to create an emotional connection with your customer base. Paring back your script and creating a simple but captivating commercial could be much more effective than stuffing it full of information.

Professional polish

Regardless of the style of video you create and the story you tell, it’s essential that the finished commercial has professional polish. A slick ad that’s been shot and produced to perfection will reflect well on your business and help instil a sense of confidence and trust in your brand. In contrast, a poorly finished video could do serious damage to your firm’s image.

Of course, making a superb marketing video is only the first step. Once you’ve created your content, you’ll need to ensure that it reaches your target market. This means showing it in the right places at the right times.

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