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What is PPC Management for Digital Marketing Agencies?

Most business that desire to grow online realize the importance of PPC. However, many don’t know how it actually works and are taken aback by time and efforts involved to get effective results. Here’s a list of services that professional digital marketing companies provide for high quality PPC management.

Researching Business, Audience and Competition

For an agency offering PPC management services, the entire process starts with understanding the industry in which a client is operating, client’s customer base and competition. Leading agencies spend a lot of time creating extensive lists of keywords and organizing keywords in relevant groups. They also try to find out what exactly people are looking for when they key in search phrases. A good starting point for most is finding out what competitors are bidding on and the ad copy they are using for their ad campaign.

Ad Copy Writing and Testing

Having relevant and useful ad copy is critical to achieving effective click-through rates and driving traffic to the landing page. Effective ad copy is not generated overnight – good PPC experts do a lot of testing including split testing to find the best performing variations. Split testing can lead to increase in click thru rate or a decrease in cost per click. Using this method, a PPC professional can develop better quality ad copy that delivers more number of clicks for the same cost.

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Optimizing Landing Page

The landing page is the first thing that searchers see when they arrive at a website after clicking on a PPC ad. It is vital that to have a unique landing page that mirrors the messaging of the ad as this can drastically improve onsite conversion rates. If a site visitor finds irrelevant information on a landing page, he or she will just exit without taking any action. Landing page optimization can be done by clients themselves but a full scale PPC agency can provide web designing and web development services to create a unique and optimized landing page.

Establishing Goals and Processes

A successful PPC campaign depends on specific goals such as target CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and definition of conversion actions. Conversion actions can be something like clicks, enquiries, form submissions or sales. These are the objectives around which a PPC ad campaign revolves. Target cost-per-acquisition depends on profit per lead or sale and helps determine how much a lead is worth. For businesses that are new to PPC, an agency offering PPC management services may help determine what the starting point for target CPA should be.

Optimizing Account Settings

Another service of a white label PPC management agency is establishing a Google AdWords account with proper campaign settings. AdWords settings are quite complex and even small settings can impact the performance of a campaign. Some of the settings that need to be considered carefully include the network to be targeted (display or search), device/devices to be targeted (desktop/mobile/tablet), location and ad extensions to name a few. Other factors that a PPC expert considers to develop a successful campaign is budget, bid strategy, delivery method and frequency.

Ongoing Tracking and Management

Ongoing account review, management and optimization is required for steady ROI from a PPC campaign. From collecting data of key metrics and analyzing it to reviewing account settings and modifying them, a PPC management team is always busy trying to optimize an ad campaign. In addition to this, detailed reports are sent to clients informing them about their campaign’s performance.

To Conclude: PPC is a time-consuming endeavor and professional digital marketing firms offer a comprehensive set of solutions for effective PPC management involving campaign design, development, implementation, ongoing maintenance and optimization.

The scope of a PPC project can vary depending on client’s requirements and complexity of a project. For more information, consult a team of white label PPC management experts!

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