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What is a Dwelling Contractor and How Do I Become One?

If you’re interested in learning about the role of a dwelling contractor and how to become one, keep reading. Becoming a dwelling contractor could be the next step in your career that will put you on the path to success.

The Role of a Dwelling Contractor

A dwelling contractor is responsible for working on construction projects related to one and two-family buildings. Because they are an integral member of the building process, it is essential to have a dwelling contractor for every residential construction project.

The main role of a dwelling contractor is to acquire the necessary building permits needed to complete one to two-story buildings. Without their assistance and certifications, construction crews would be unable to fulfill their jobs.

Becoming a Dwelling Contractor

Dwelling contractors are important members of construction crews. To perform work on one or two-story homes, you must obtain a dwelling contractor certification.

Types of jobs that require a dwelling contractor certification include:

  • General construction jobs
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Well drilling

If you’re interested in or working towards a job in these fields, make sure you become a certified dwelling contractor.

Fulfill Your Education and Experience Requirements

Education and experience requirements vary based on the type of specialty you choose to pursue.

At the basic level, a high school diploma or GED is required to work as a dwelling contractor. Consider taking higher education courses to acquire an associate’s degree. Select courses that’ll teach you more about the construction industry and help you in your career pursuits.

As soon as you are able, start getting experience in the contractor field of your choosing, Whether that’s working on a construction crew, accompanying an electrician, or trying your hand at plumbing, work to get experience.

Receiving experience can be accomplished through an entry-level job or apprenticeship program. While on the job, learn everything you can about the business from experts to improve your skills and become a pro.

Once you are knowledgeable about contractor work and skilled in the trade, you’ll be prepared to start elevating your career.

Pass a Certification Course

To become a dwelling contractor, you must pass a certification course. Rather than studying and taking a test, dwelling contractors have to complete a 12-hour class.

The class covers a variety of topics related to construction laws, codes, and business practices leaving you fully prepared to perform work as a dwelling contractor.

Become Insured

Insurance is required for your business to be secure. Before you can acquire your dwelling contractor certification, you must insure your business.

Without the proper insurance, you leave you and your business vulnerable to pricey mistakes that can cost you your business.

Research different types of insurance, policies, and rates to discover the path that’ll suit your business best. Consider consulting construction professionals and insurance agents to insure you, your employees, and your business are fully covered.

Safeguard your construction business by purchasing sufficient insurance.

Obtain a Certification

After you’ve passed the certification course and received insurance, you can apply for your dwelling contractor qualifier certification.

Carefully review the requirements to ensure you send in the pertinent information. Once you receive your certification, you’ll be able to get to work.

A dwelling contractor qualifier certification must be renewed every 2 years through continued education. Check the date on your certification to determine when you’ll need to renew your certification.

Obtain your Wisconsin dwelling contractor certification to ensure your business will thrive.

License Your Business

In addition to receiving a certification for yourself, you must also license your business. A dwelling contractor qualifier certification only pertains to you, but the dwelling contractor license applies to your business.

To receive the certification for your business, you must complete a course and pay to renew your license annually. Verify that you meet the requirements and apply for your dwelling contractor license to expand your business.

Now that you know what a dwelling contractor is and how to become one, consider taking action to solidify your career path and start your future in the right direction.

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