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Want To Move Your Career Forward? Here’s What Your Ought To Be Doing!

When you landed your current job, the chances were that you were over the moon. Although you knew that it wasn’t what you wanted to do for your entire career, you knew that it could act as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, and so, were overjoyed to be given the opportunity.

The problem is that since then, you haven’t moved up the ladder at all, and are starting to feel like you will never be able to move your career forward. If you’re feeling unsatisfied with where you are career-wise, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who are working in roles that they hate but can’t seem to move up the career ladder.

The good news is that it is possible to move your career forward, it’s just a case of adopting the right mindset and taking the right steps. To make the process a little easier for you, here are some tips to take on board and implement.

Be the best employee

If you want your boss to notice you, you need to make an effort to be a model employee. If your boss sees your swanning in each morning 15 minutes late and dressed too casually for work, they will deem you unprofessional and never promote you. However, if you make an effort to show your boss that you’re a hard worker, you’re professional, and most importantly, that you’re passionate about your job, they are more likely to consider promoting you when a suitable position arises. Think like your employer for a minute and imagine the type of person who you would be willing to promote and put your trust in. Ask yourself what they would be like, what would make them special, and what makes them a suitable candidate for promotion? Once you understand what your boss wants to see, you can then ensure that you are a model employee, upping your chances of being promoted.

Hone your skills

To give your chances of being promoted a boost, take the time to hone your skills. If there’s an area of your job that you struggle with, take the time to change that. If you’ve got a role in mind that you would like to land, look at what the role requires, and compare your skills and experience. Say, for example, you want to work as part of the management team, take the time to do some training in management skills, to get to grips with what’s involved in working in management. Then, should a management role arise and your employer sees your resume, complete with information about the management course you took, they will know that you are serious about furthering your career.

Apply for other jobs


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If your employer isn’t giving you the opportunities that you hoped for when you joined the company, consider looking for another role. Spend some time job hunting online, looking for roles in your desired field that you would be a good fit for. The idea of applying to leave your current company and move to another one might be scary, but if you want career progression, it could be the best option.

Want to move your career forward? Take note of the tips and advice above, and you’ll soon be being offered the role of your dreams.

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