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6 Great Benefits of Using Voice Analytics Software for Businesses

We live in a world of fast-paced industries and high customer expectations, with worldwide communication expanding at an extreme rate over recent decades, contact centres can often find themselves overwhelmed with customer data, call and requests.

A modern world such as this also offers modern solutions to these issues. Voice analytics software from Awaken is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets for contact centres in various industries who need a hand coping with an influx of customer data.

We take a look at the significance of voice analytics software across the sectors and how businesses can utilise all of its functions.

1.  Increase Sales

Sales are one of the highest priorities in any business, whether there is a large workforce in a call centre or a small team manning the office phones, call centre voice analytics can really make a positive difference when increasing sales.

It can identify which sales pitches, phrases and words used are really successful in converting those leads into paying customers. This, in turn, can help with training and feedback to the sales staff.

With immediate feedback, the sales team can also have an insight into what products or services can be upsold to certain customers, based on the words and phrases they are using. With minimal effort, they can offer callers items that are relevant to their wants and needs with the detection in patterns of similar calls.

Voice recognition software can also detect sales methods that aren’t working and help to street the sales teams away from these tactics.

2.  Remaining Compliant

Every industry has certain rules and regulations they must adhere to for compliance. Breaking any of these can lead to negative consequences on the business, from large fines to poor company reputation.

Staff at the end of the phone need to remain compliant at all times and if they are inadvertently giving the wrong advice to customers, they may not know until it is too late.

One of the great voice analytics features is that the software can pick out and flag to managers any agents that are swaying from the correct compliance and rectify these issues with customers, while also providing the appropriate training.

3.  Help The Marketing Team

Understanding customers wants and needs is imperative to marketing teams, it allows them to understand what is and isn’t working well and how to adapt and create new products and services to keep customers happy and increase revenue.

Market research is one way to do this, however, it can be incredibly costly and not ever businesses have the resources to do so. Voice analytics software can produce reports from all recorded calls to give an insight into how to improve.

What’s more, this can be generated on the same day, providing fast results and is far more accurate than random call sampling.

4.  Increase Employee Retention

Businesses need to do everything within their power to keep hold of their best staff, losing these employees leads to costly and time-consuming onboarding and training and if this is happening frequently, it can lead to inefficient teams.

By providing agents with voice analytics software, they can quickly be provided with the best solutions for a customer’s query. With faster resolution comes happier customers and the likelihood of staff having to spend their days trying to pacify angered callers.

No one wants to spend their working days within stressful situations so reducing the chances of these can lead to more job satisfaction and a reduction in staff turnaround.

5.  Reduce Average Handling Time

Average handling time is crucial to keeping customers appeased. The longer their call takes, the more likely they are to be irate.

Voice analytics software can instantly detect the tone of voice and why a customer is calling. This means that they will be put through to the best person as swiftly as possible and that agent will be provided with the support to resolve the call.

These call times are then reduced dramatically, freeing agents up to answer more customer calls throughout the day and reducing call waiting times.

6.  Real-Time Updates

There can be occasions when call agents witness a surge in call volumes and with no apparent reason as to why.

Voice analytics software can pick out patterns as to why customers are calling and alert agents so they are prepared. This could be anything from media announcements, website technical difficulties, new government regulations and more.

In this modern world, businesses need to stay ahead of the competition to provide the best care and results for both their customers and their employees. Voice analytics software can provide even more benefits than those listed above and can be tailored to meet even more specific needs.

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