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Transform Those Business And Sales Meetings With These Innovative Ideas

If we are honest here, business and sales meetings can be a little mundane and boring for some of us. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of inspiration these days as there is a focus on figures, revenue and profit. Of course, those things are all important. After all, a successful business needs those sales and revenue. But, sometimes I think a shift of focus to the employees on the front line each day wouldn’t go amiss, and could in fact increase those vital factors. So here are a few ways you could transform those boring meetings into something that will drive your sales force forward and even create more opportunities.

Inspirational quotes

I think many people love a good inspirational quote. Whether that be business related, goal setting or even on a personal level. So it might be worth thinking about adding some to your meeting, or even as a thought for the beginnings. One simple quote you could use would be this from Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t either way you are right.”

It has much to do with business I think because it places a focus on your employee’s mindset and how they are approaching their job. If they don’t think they will hit their target or make that sale, the chances are they won’t, and vice versa. Something to think about. There are plenty more quotes like that online.

Get everyone involved with a live video link

Sometimes people can’t make the location of the meeting for one reason or another, so make sure everyone is involved by considering a video link up or a telephone conference. Systems like unified communications could transform your meetings making sure no one misses the latest information and updates.

Praise employees for hard work

A bit of praise every now and then can go a long way for boosting team morale and employee’s self-esteem. Hearing they are doing a good job could be added motivation to do even better, which will only make the business thrive more. Of course, praise should only be given where due and sometimes criticism and negativity needs to be addressed, but ensuring that you offer positive feedback when due is a great way to keep team spirits high.

Keep the meetings optimistic and positive

A positive atmosphere is something that everyone can get on board with, so try and ensure that your team meetings are kept positive and optimistic, even if the sales figures and results are not doing as well as you had hoped.

End on a final note and message

Finally, it’s always good to end any meeting with a final thought. You may want to refer back to your original inspiration quote, or just leave the meeting with your own personal thoughts that you want your team to consider. It doesn’t have to be anything too cheesy, but sometimes that final word from the boss can be enough to send your team out on a high for a target smashing day.

I hope this has inspired you to reinvent your business meetings in the future.

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