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Training Your Employees (For The Best Results Yet)

Ask anyone in a managerial position what frustrates them most about their working environment, and nine times out of ten, it will probably be their employees. It could be that the staff are simply not pulling their weight, or that there is confusion among the various teams about what common goal they are all striving towards. Whatever it is, a workforce that is not cohesive is, unfortunately, a workforce that is doomed to fail. As a manager or a company leader, this can be incredibly frustrating, especially as your employees are often regarded as a reflection of you. The last thing you want is for a below-par team to give you a bad name within the business – but just how do you transform them into the people you are happy to be associated with? It all boils down to how they are trained. Training is integral in any business – you were probably trained by someone senior on how to do your job properly, just like they were probably trained by someone even higher up in their hierarchy. But deliver average training, and you will find that you get average (or even below average) results. Here are a few training resources you can utilize to motivate your staff and get them working in a way that benefits everyone.

Online training

You may think that online training is terribly impersonal, and that it won’t get the job done like speaking to someone face to face. But while it is true that hands-on training can hugely benefit many employees, too much of it can actually be detrimental. Most people start to lose focus after a while, especially if the training is going at a pace that is too quick for them. Online training systems such as corporate lms provide a functional solution to in person training, as it allows the employee to complete modules at a pace they feel comfortable with. You can even track the progress of your employees so that you know they have finished each section.

On the job training

If you are training your employee in, say, a customer service facing role, there is only so much you can teach them behind the scenes. At some point or other they will have to get out there and do the job, conquering any fears they may have had about the role prior to taking it on. Ease them into a real-life work situation by allowing them to do stints of on-the-job training – closely supervised, of course.

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Another great way for your staff to learn the ins and outs of their job is by shadowing someone who already does said job. You will need to clear this with the current employee at first, though, as some people may not like the idea of being watched as they work. Overall, however, this is a great way for new staff to learn, and teaching by example is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone starts off on the right foot.

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