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Top Ten Reasons To Attend A Business Event

Social media has done a lot for new businesses and made it possible for many people to dip their toes in the world of entrepreneurship. However, no matter how many ways there are to get in touch with contacts online, you can never underestimate the value of face to face interaction. Corresponding by email and social doesn’t give prospective clients and business partners a sense of who you are in the same way as face to face meetings.

A chance to meet new contacts is just one of the many benefits of attending the next business event for your industry. While you could make new contacts and market your business by hosting your own business event, by attending an event you could take advantage of lectures, sharpen your existing business skills. If you’re still debating whether or not to attend the next business event for your industry, here are a few ways it could benefit your company.


You may have already reached out to clients and partners in your industry, but there are many more potential clients and business partners out there you haven’t met yet. By showcasing your company at these events, you can increase your company’s visibility and practise your business pitch to a whole new audience. People at business events usually have a lot to see, and not a lot of time. Make sure you can cover who you are, what you do, what sets you apart, and why people should work with you, in 30 seconds or less. If you’re successful, people will stop and ask you more questions about your company.

Observe other businesses

Established companies also come to trade events to reconnect with their business partners and to reach out to new clients. By attending the same events, you can observe how they conduct themselves at these events. How do they introduce themselves and convey their company message? Even the best and most polished professionals accept the fact that they will never stop learning. Learn from those who are where you want to be in your profession and always be in learning mode.

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Promote new products

If you’ve been in business for longer than a year, you’ve probably decided it’s time to try some new ideas to keep the business fresh. An industry event is the best place to try your new products on the people who are most likely to be interested. It can help to build up some hype on your website in the weeks leading up to the event, and then people will be excited to finally see the product displayed in your booth. You can buy your own Trade show booths at eventdisplay.com.au.

Stay updated

There is a very high chance that your partners and your competition will also have booths set up at these industry events, so it’s a great opportunity to see what other companies in the industry are selling. In addition to promoting your own products, you can see what else is currently going on in the business, and keep an eye on which products are most popular with your clients. You won’t have many other opportunities to gain insight into current and future trends, industry challenges and potential solutions. This knowledge can easily give you a leg up on the competition.

Learn new skills

Business events sometimes draw in more companies by inviting prominent industry figures to give lectures and share their insights. Take advantage by attending as many lectures as you can, and you could leave the event with a head bursting with new ideas. At the very least, you can use the advice you’re given by leading industry figures to make you a more effective business owner.

Meet industry experts

You should also take this opportunity to get some face to face time with the leading industry figures. It can do wonders for your motivation to have a framed picture of yourself with your business idol at your office desk. If they have time, pick their brain for a few minutes on some of the finer points of their lecture, or ask for a quick tip that could help you with your business. You won’t get advice like this from an online summit.

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Encounter new vendors and suppliers

Vendors and suppliers for your product are equally important to your business as industry contacts. Suppliers are some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about the current business climate. Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Additionally, vendors who sell to your industry fully grasp what is happening inside your competition. It is worth spending time with vendors and suppliers, and staying in touch with them.

Expand your business team

There will come a time when your business will be too much work to do by yourself, and you will have enough money in your budget to expand your business. Although you could advertise, you could also inquire at the business event if anyone is looking for a new opportunity. The job market is always changing these days, and many professionals have been displaced through downsizing. They are also looking for a position that will take full advantage of their talents. Here you may, very well, find people that can take your business to the next level.


Yes, this is a business event, and as such a certain amount of work needs to take place. However, business events can also be a lot of fun. After all, this may well be the only time all year that you get to see your business partners and clients face to face. Relax, catch up, ask them about their holiday plans. Getting to know your contacts outside the conference calls and business obligations, and you’ll build a stronger working relationship with them. It’s also easier to make new contacts in a less formal setting. You make more friends over drinks than from across a desk.

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