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Top 5 Best Real-estate marketing tips for 2020

In today’s highly competitive world, the real estate business is nothing less than a war. You have to do more than just opening up an office and sending mail to your prospective audience. You have to be a strategic real estate marketer so that you can use the best real estate marketing tips to reach out to relevant audiences.

You have to do both sell properties to your audiences and creating your personal brand for your business. Creating your personal brand will not only help you with the generating lads but it will also convince other audiences to do business with yours. Having a personal brand will boost your audience to reach.

By adding the marketing strategy in your real estate business, you will be able to reach out to your audience in a more efficient way. With the best strategy, you will also be able to reach out to the most relevant audiences faster than your competitors.

Here are the top Marketing tips that you can use in your real estate business to make it a more successful real estate business.

1. Do thorough research on the best real estate practices

The first step to generate new leads and set up new contacts is to have a business website. A website that is filled with all the information related to your business and where audiences can come to know what your brand provides.

As per the report by the national association of Realtors, it has been confirmed that the most relevant leads are generated by the websites and apps.

So how to makes sure that your business stands out for your audience. Here are a few points that you must remember while creating a website for your real estate business.

• Go with the simple design that your audiences can understand.
• Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
• Use content that is relevant to your audiences and website.
• Your content should be detailed so that your audience can understand easily.
• Do not forget to add CTA (Call to action button).
• Follow SEO norms so that your website can get a higher ranking on the search engine result pages.
• Finally includes newsletter and social media integration to uplift your website among the people.

2. Create multiple landing pages of your website

The best way to showcase your offers is to have multiple website landing pages. This way you will able to offer the relevant property to a buyer who will most probably be looking for a property to buy.

Here are the types of landing pages you can have for your website.
Home value landing page
This kind of page will help your audiences with the price value of the property they like. In return, you can ask them with their contact details. This is also the best way to generate leads.

Free content landing page
You can create a page with free content so that visitors can have something with them before they leave the site. This one of the best ways to initiate engagement with your audiences.

Home search landing page
This kind of landing page will help your audiences to find the relevant property near their house. This can light a spark in your audiences as they can have property near their house.

Remember one thing that the visitor will spend only a few seconds on your site to check out what offers you have got for them so make your content short and simple so that it will be easily understood by the visitors.

3. Take help from social media

The word has changed to the digital world where people first searched something online and then look for the traders. So, having your active presence anon the social and digital platform can really help you to get more potential audiences.

There are several social media platforms that can help you to leverage your work and can help you to find the right audiences.

Here are some of the social media ideas that you can use to boost your social media efforts to boost your business campaigns.
• Keep your social sharing limited to easy layouts. So not make it look compact. Make sure that your messages can be seen by the audiences.
• Enabling reviews and comments can be a good idea to engage with your audiences.
• Use all the new marketing post trends to capture audiences’ attention. (one of the trends is 360-degree video).
• Finally use trendy hashtags so that your audiences can find you easily on social media.

4. Know your competitors’ best practices

Just having an online presence does not mean that your work is done. You need to know where your competitors are spending most of their time on social media. This can also help you to analyse your competitor’s behaviour.

There are many platforms on social media and digital media that are built only for real estate agents and property dealers like you. Spending time with people having the same profession can help you to learn something new that you can implement in your business.

5. Obtain a professional membership

To be successful in the real estate marketing business you need to have a business network that can help you with all the industry information. To do so, you need to be a part of the business organizations, groups, and communities. This way you will be able to help yourself to climb the socialize industrial ladder.

In 2020, real estate marketing means that you need to be a web guru so that you can share your knowledge with other people. This way you will be able to boost your personal branding and at the same time, you will al\so be able to increase your business authority.


Real estate marketing is all about having the best source of information to target the most prominent audiences. If you are capable of doing so, then only you can survive in this most competitive field of work.

In this article, I have highlighted some of the few marketing tips that can help you with your real estate business. I hope that you can implement them easily for the best results.

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