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Things You Really Should Stop Telling Yourself About Marketing

Marketing your business is all part and parcel of running a company. It’s the way you get the message out and let people know what you’re doing. Some businesses love marketing and use it to their full advantage, but other businesses – for whatever reason – don’t. There’s just something about it that doesn’t jive with them.

Sometimes marketing doesn’t work out for technical reasons. But, more commonly, it fails because of the things that owners tell themselves. Here are some examples of negative marketing self-talk.

“Marketing Is A Necessary Evil”

How many times have you heard this one – “Marketing is a necessary evil”? It sort of implies that marketing is just something that you’ve grudgingly got to do, like wash the dishes.

But there’s a problem with taking this approach: it means that you automatically look at marketing in a negative light. Rather than see it as an opportunity to get people interested in your company and what your business does, you see it as a cost you could do without.

Sometimes having this attitude is okay, but mostly it’ll just be reflected in the advertising itself. Your adverts will lack passion and flair, and your audience will be able to tell.

“Marketing Is For The Big Screen”

Marketers want to should about their products from the rooftops, telling as many people as possible about the amazing products that they offer. Naturally, they gravitate to the big and the bold – like billboards. But the trends are actually operating in the opposite direction. Contrary to intuition, people are more likely to interact with your business through a smartphone than they are any other method. According to the data, over 70 percent of all social network activity and 65 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device.

So what does this mean in practice? Well, for starters, it means that your website needs to be optimized for mobile. People don’t want stock photos that have been stretched and contorted to make them fit on a smaller screen. It also means tailoring your marketing emails so that they look just as beautiful on mobile devices as they do on PCs. Many companies build sophisticated marketing emails with interactive elements, only to later realize that they are incompatible with smart devices.

“Marketing Can’t Be Automated”

The news is actually good for those who don’t like marketing, given the direction the technology is headed. It turns out that marketing can be automated, especially marketing on social media. Once you’ve got a team in place to churn out marketing content, it’s just a question of using an app, like Hootsuite, to post it at a convenient time.

While it’s true that marketing can be automated, you need to be clever in the way that you do it. Many companies post the exact same content to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, hoping that this will have the biggest impact and reach the most people. But all too often, it ends up annoying those who follow you through both their social media accounts. Posting the same things on all platforms is redundant, so try to post unique content to all your social media feeds.

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