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The ultimate guide on painting your home perfectly!!!

Are you considering moving into a new home? If yes, then before moving, it is important to décor your home well so that you can live there happily. So you have completed the renovation of your home like a skilled surgeon but there is still missing something. If there are still flaws remaining then you need to give a new coat of paint to your home. The best local moving companies explain that painting a new home is one of the most common topics that property-owners talk about when planning to move their household. Painting does not only increase the aesthetic value of your home but also protects the home walls which increases the life of a home. 

Do you know if you choose the right combination of colors then it makes a home warming and welcoming for guests? So, it is time to give a refreshing look to your new home. Check out these tips and tricks to turn your home into your dream home.

Do not go directly on selection of shades: Yes, you heard it right. Most people think of selecting a color first but according to professional painters, it is easy to choose a color scheme once you finalize the furniture and decor of the house. In a world, where we are blessed to have more than thousands of shades, selection becomes easier. Firstly, pick up three or four colors from the objects present in your house and then take sample strips. Now you have at least 10-15 colors to choose from. Using the process makes selection easier and smoother.

Start your research: Do proper research before giving a new paint to your home. Go by color therapy to choose the best color for your house. Just take the help of the color wheel and try to understand the basis of this theory. Grab information about the color feel so you will have a basic understanding that how different colors relate to each other and this will help you to develop the color concepts on your own. You should also visit different painting websites to know beautiful painting ideas. After completing your research, list down the colors you found attractive for your house.

Decide the textured finishing: After deciding the paint color, now it is the turn to select texture finishing to give appealing visual effects to the walls of your house. The textural finishes can make or break the mood of your home. You can go with attractive wallpapers or can create the textures with the help of paint. Wallpapers have evolved with time. Now you can find exciting patterns with live wallpapers. Just approach the professionals, they are experts in providing classic texture finishes to the walls and renovate the home before you move in.

Choose shade as per the type of room: Colors tends to evoke emotions. Different colors are used to give different feelings and ambiance. You should start with the entry way like living room and dining room. Look how you can decide the color as per the room type:

  • Living room: A living room should be welcoming therefore mixing and matching the colors along with cool colors with extraordinary tone is a perfect idea for it. These days, neutral and earthy tones are in trend. If you don’t want to go innovative or don’t want to experiment with colors then instead of mixing and matching, going with the classics is a great option.
  • Children’s room: Painting children’s room with colors that are energetic and exciting is a good idea. Here, you should also consider the favorite color of your kid. Giving energetic, bold colors while keeping in mind his/her favorite color will create the best possible combination to make the room comfortable for kids.
  • Dining room: The space of dining should have a warming ambiance therefore light shades of yellow could be a good option for it. You can also use the metallic drapes on the walls of this room to make it look good and shining. 
  • Bedroom: Creating an ambiance that makes you feel relaxed and soothing is important for the bedroom. This is the place where you will rest at night after the hectic day therefore keep it aesthetic and warming as well. Dark wall color with the light shades creates a cozy cocoon of the bedroom so you love spending time there.

When giving colors to all rooms, use 60-30-10 rule in which 60 percent color should be given t walls, the 30 percent to the upholstery and the rest 10 to accessories. This rule works in all the rooms of a home and helps in painting the entire home.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Paint color can turn the entire home look refreshing and turns the feel of the entire home while improving its aesthetic appeal but make sure you select the right colors. If you ends up choosing wrong shades then it can also hurt the appeal of the home and it also affects the finance. The above-written tips will help you to give a new paint coat to your home by improving its value. 

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