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The Secrets To Their Success Could Be The Inspiration For Yours

Planning a new business can be a very difficult task. You have to focus on the big picture in order to come up with the best ideas. And, this often involves looking at others as an example. Some of the richest people in the world started with absolutely nothing. In just a matter of years, legacies worth more than some countries have been born. This sort of wealth isn’t attainable, in most cases. But, if you put the work in, you can get close. To help you out and inspire you, this post will be going through three great businessmen and their successes.

Everyone has heard the name Mark Zuckerberg. He’s known mainly for inventing the social media platform Facebook. He started his work on the website while at University. Originally, it was designed as a way for people on campus to connect with each other. Over the years, ambitions grew, and a company was formed in a shared house. Now, you can see that Facebook has definitely left it’s mark on the world. With millions of active users everyday, Facebook is a grand success story. Facebook makes most of it’s money through advertising. Their adverts are very well-integrated, and most people don’t notice them. So, it’s easy to make sure that people aren’t put off by them.

Steve Voudouris is a lesser-known entrepreneur. He started a company called Turn-5 in 2009, which was the predecessor to his first company; Xoxide. Both companies found success, with his latest ventures being his most lucrative. Turn-5 operates two e-commerce websites, nowadays; AmericanMuscle.com and ExtremeTerrain.com. Both of the sites are aimed at car enthusiasts who want to make more of their motors. They sell parts and other goods related to performance cars. Steve Voudouris & Turn 5 is a great success story because it starts with a passion that Voudouris held. His love of cars and need for more parts lead him to create a business worth millions today.


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It’s hard to talk about businesses without considering Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They are responsible for the widely used personal-computer operating system out there; Windows. Their founder, Bill Gates, doesn’t have too much to do with the company, anymore. Instead, he’s using the fortune he’s amassed to make change in the world. From giving out vaccines to providing towns with the internet, he’s done it all. Bill Gates is a great example of a businessman with a good set of ethics. Most people like to think that they would be good with their money in his position; and, he shows that it’s possible.


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Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on your businesses and ideas. It can be hard to make sure that you’re putting your all into something. But, looking at other people’s successes will drive you to do more with your time. Ultimately, you will only get out what you put into your business. So, it’s worth putting in everything you’ve got. In a few years; you could be much better off for it.

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