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The Secrets to a Great Store Display

Having displays of products around your retail store helps to catch your customer’s eye. They might spot something they hadn’t been looking for but which they’re tempted to buy. You might also display other items around your store, such as literature and other helpful pieces of marketing material. It’s important to put all of these things in prominent places and also to make them eye-catching. You might feel that your in-store displays are lacking, and you need to improve on them. There are many ways you can make them better so that they serve as an effective tool.

Keep Your Displays Flexible

Your store displays aren’t something that you want to install permanently. People who come in regularly won’t want to see the same things all the time. If they do, they will eventually just gloss over your displays. You need to keep them fresh and to do that they have to be flexible. It’s a great idea to go with something like cardboard POP displays. You can move them around the store easily. They’re lightweight and you can fold them up when you’re not using them. If you don’t want them anymore, you can recycle them. It also helps to have displays you can configure in different ways, as well as move around.

Identify the Best Locations

One of the most important things about your store displays is where you put them. If they’re not in the right locations, no one will take any notice of them. You can start by identifying the high traffic areas of your store, so you can catch people walking past. Think about where people stop and stand too. For example, cardboard counter displays can attract people as they wait to pay. They might pick up something from a display as they’re waiting to try on some clothes or as they’re deciding between two products.

Keep It Simple

If you don’t think your displays through, they can become confusing. For example, some stores have the unfortunate tendency to group random products together. Their displays don’t make sense because they’re just put whatever they could find on them. You should make sure that each of your displays has a clear message and purpose. Choose one type of product to put on it or even just one item. You only have a couple of seconds to get a customer’s attention, so make sure they can take it all in within one glance.

Highlight Your Displays

Don’t forget to make your displays eye-catching. Start with custom designs, using your brand’s colors or other branding. Bold colors will get people’s attention, especially when you combine it with lighting. You can use lights to put the focus on your displays, whether they’re in the display itself or shining on it from elsewhere. Make sure that everything is at the right level too. No one will look if it’s too close to the floor or too high up.

Improve your store’s displays with a few tweaks to how you do things. It could boost your sales.

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