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The importance of keeping your workforce happy

So you have started your business and it’s going well. You have secured premises, finances are in place, and your client base is growing steadily.

Probably one of the most difficult things you have had to do so far is to hire the workforce. Even in today’s technologically advanced age this can be tricky, especially for a small business with limited exposure. Employees can make or break a business, and it is important to get it right from the start. Your aim should be to secure a happy, healthy workforce who will develop and grow alongside your business. Using social media or recruitment consultants are just some of the ways that companies use nowadays to attract potential staff. There then follows a lengthy interview process and the all important decision making.

Hopefully by now though you have successfully negotiated the recruitment minefield and have in place a group of employees in whom you feel confident – now all you have to do is keep them. Ensure that they are happy and they won’t be tempted to leave if approached by rival firms.

Of course, salary is the first consideration for a potential employee, but there are many other factors that make your job stand out to them.

A pleasant work environment is one of the principal considerations that any potential employee will have when looking to secure employment in a new organisation.

The environment should not only be clean but should be light, bright and inviting. Indeed, studies have shown that we work better and faster with the benefit of natural light, so a well lit and ventilated space is a must.

In addition, the environment must be healthy and hygienic too, with temperatures regulated so that it is comfortable all year round. Some companies achieve this with the help of air drying, purifying and filtration systems such as those found at Cleveland Compressed Air Services. With so many people suffering from breathing and allergy related conditions these days, it is imperative that any business does everything possible to comply with International Breathing Air Standards and it is becoming more and more commonplace for businesses to invest in such equipment.

Not everything needs to command such expense however, sometimes it is those extra little touches that make your business a fantastic place to work.

Why not get some team building going, either with a corporate day or even just a night of beer and bowling once a month. You could send out for pizza for the monthly budget meeting –  it’s amazing what results a free slice of pizza can bring to the table.

Dress Down Friday is nothing new but it has proven a great tool to boost staff morale and  integrate staff and management on a regular basis. Why not choose a charity and everyone who dresses down contributes to the cause. Every ones a winner!

Just remember. However you choose to look after your employees one thing is certain – a happy workforce equals a happy and successful business so go on, spread some happiness. You’ll be glad you did.

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