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The Beauty Of Business: How To Make Your Company Aesthetically Appealing

It’s a competitive business world out there, and it’s important to do whatever you can to stand out. These days people are becoming more and more obsessed with aesthetic beauty, with the advent of Instagram and other photo sharing sites. Although obviously in business people are more inclined to look at actual content than in other industries, it’s a good idea to play along with recent trends and to improve the looks of your business. Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but sometimes in order to open the book in the first place, the cover has to be appealing. Here’s how to make different aspects of your business more beautiful.

Your Logo

These days, it’s a good idea to go for absolute clarity with your logo. Swirly fonts that are hard to read are now out of fashion (were they ever really in fashion?) and look outdated. If you want to go for a more modern look, pick a sans serif font, but if you want a more classic vibe, try a serif one. Make sure that you don’t use a font like Papyrus that’s available on Microsoft Word – either go generic like Arial or Times New Roman, or go much more left field. You want to look like you know what you’re doing, after all! If you’re not sure what looks best, hire a designer for a fresh new look.


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Your Building

If you have an entire building to yourself, it’s time to make it look good. Landscape the outside and add some greenery – talk to a commercial landscaping company for some ideas. Add some benches so staff can eat outside in the summer, and add a smoking area away from the front of the building so that isn’t the first impression that passers-by and visitors get of your company. Finally, a water feature can work wonders – they make people feel peaceful and happy, and will give your staff somewhere to escape to at lunchtime if they’re having a stressful day.


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Your Office

In order to motivate your staff, you need an office that looks good. Your first concerns should be practical: is the room warm enough? Is there access to light and fresh air? Are your workers comfortable in their desks at their chairs? Once those concerns have been dealt with, you can feel free to make it look beautiful. Add some art to the walls, and put some colourful plants along the windowsill. Just make sure that they get watered – a line of dead brown plants won’t be very good for morale!


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Your Meeting Room

There aren’t many places that are more stressful than a meeting room, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Make sure that the chairs are comfortable and that there’s fresh air in there, so your staff don’t get groggy and bored during meetings. Like inside your office, add art to the walls. You’re likely to be holding interviews and important presentations in there, so consider what exactly you want your meeting room to say to the outside world.

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